My Little Earth Angels Stories

These little Earth Angels represent aspects of the inner child.
When I tap into these parts of myself I find my connection to everything.
When I go within to the stillness and listen I am able to let go and listen to the guidance of the Divine connection.
When I come back the energy follows me and shows up in my life and 
it shows up on my canvas with a wonderful story to share.
I hope you enjoy these sweet whispers as wonderful gifts to share.

Click on each picture to read their story.

Avery & Atley, Angels of Brotherly Love

Lily Isabella, "Little Angel of the Balance Between Giving & Receiving

The Child Within

Selina, "Little Angel of Intuition & the Unseen World"

Fayanna, Little Angel of Trust

Brianna, Little Angel of Strength & Courage

Ethan, Little Angel of Confidence & Strength

Tatiana, Little Angel of Solitude & Spiritual Awareness

Lily, Little Angel of Self-Empowerment

Jenny, Little Angel of Peace & Joy

Joscelyn & Jolly "Little Angel of Playfulness"

Bridgette & Bernadette, Little Angel of Strength & Abundance

Luna, Little Angel of Luminosity.

Penelope & Charlie "Little Angel of Faith & Loyalty 

Valentina, Little Angel of Perseverance & Prosperity

Eliana, Little Angel Of Answered Prayers

Darra "Little Angel of Feminine Wisdom & Understanding

Sinopa, "Little Angel & the Fox"

Felisa (Little Angel of Happiness & Luck)

Sharissa (Little Angel of New Beginnings)

Gwyneth (Little Angel of Happiness)

Ayana (Beautiful Flower)

Kokoa, (Little Angel of the Heart)

Talini (Little Snow Angel)

Madelyn (The Angel Of Clear Vision)

Kyoto (Little Mirror of the Soul)

Thomas and Bentley, Little Angel of Friendship
Arnella, Smiling WithinLittle Angel of Self-Reliance, Perseverance and Optimism

Annalina, Little Angel of Graceful Light

Rachelle, Little Lamb, The Return To Innocence  

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