Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sharissa, Little Angel of New Beginnings.

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 “Sharissa“  Earth Angel of New Beginnings

Her name is Sharissa, which stands for new beginnings. 
During the precious time that Sharissa appeared on my canvas
 life began to shift directions and open new opportunities for me.
As the saying goes....when one door closes another one opens.
I am in the process of opening a whole new chapter in my life.
As the old and outgrown patterns in my life die,
 wonderful blossoms of new life and new experiences spring open up.

Sharissa is emitting a bright light from within.
She symbolizes the wonderful spark of light that 
lies in each of our hearts and and our soul. 
Every day is a new beginning…
for which we can awake to unlimited possibilities.
Be still and find the light within for which everything spring forward.

"Every new beginning comes
from some other beginning's end." Senecca

Stages of the Painting

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