Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gwyneth, Little Earth Angel Of Happiness

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The Story Behind thePainting.
This little angel is a part of a series I am working on "Little Earth Angel's of the Soul". 
Each one of these angels represents aspects that live inside each one of our hearts. 
All we have to do is recognize that we are all truly connected into the
 Oneness of All That Is. 

Gwyneth is shown with a sweet blue bird 
symbolizing the happiness that lies within. 
To be truly happy we have to find it within our own heart
 and then we can see the whole world as love. 
We may have difficult days but we can always be still
 and listen to the sweet Divine voice 
which guides us to whatever we need in the moment. 

As we  remember that happiness is a state of mind
 which cannot be taken away unless we give into the woes of life, 
we remember that we can experience happiness
 even while going through the most difficult of times of our life.
We begin to remember that everything
 is leading us back to love and to ourselves.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy.” 
― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young 
Gwyneth's Treasures For Me
I started this sweet painting before Christmas when I was going through a bit of a rocky time. I knew I was going through a process of dying to old worn out patterns that would be replaced with new beginnings. I was a bit anxious for Gwyneth to show up because I knew she was a symbol of the happiness that lives within and that everything is happening for a reason. I also knew it was a part of a journey that I have been walking
 on for many, many years. 
This has been a path that was filled with the ups and downs of life and of finding myself. 
Just like Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz…I learned that my home and happiness have been within myself all along. the quiet small spaces where I can here my inner child.
 I don't need to find happiness outside of myself. I need to look no further than within the quiet stillness of my own inner connection to All That Is.    
Since Christmas I have been so busy with some major changes in my life
 so I have not had time to paint. 
But last night Gwyneth decided it was time to show up. 
And when she did she brought a wave of happy energy with her. 
Of course I know that she just represents what was already there but 
I like to think she was opening the door for me to see things
through a higher perspective. 
A doorway to new beginnings….

Stages of Painting

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