Saturday, December 21, 2013

Earth Angel of New York City

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“Liberty ”  Earth Angel of New York City
This painting is a part of a series called 
Earth Angels from Cultures Around World.
 This one is called Liberty.

 You may notice that she looks just like the
 Statue of Liberty. 
She represents what I like to believe is the Earth Angel
 who lives in each one of hearts. 
I believe at a soul level each of us are seeking freedom
 and equality not only for ourselves but for everyone.
Deep down  at our core essence, I believe we are all a 
spark of unique light emerging into the light of the world.
I would say, we are all in training to become Earth Angels.
 As each one of us wakes up to our true nature,
I think we will remember that we are the
 All in the One and the One in the All…
spreading unconditional love.
We can help others remember who they truly are
 when we find your own essence of love.

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