Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sold Kachina To A Lovely Native American Woman

Kachina, Native American Earth Angel
My Highest Seller

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I am so excited to have sold another one of these prints.
I am honored and thrilled to say that my customer is a real Native American lady.
Here is what she said,

"Thanks so much. I am amazed. This is my traditional healing 

colors of my Ribbon dress I wear at ceremony. Exactly the 

same colors! I am all ways surrounded by Owls..and I wear 

my hair exactly like the Blue Aura.... ( I have seen a 

Huge Blue Ball of Etheric Energy some years ago). Beautiful

Work! Will be back ..."

Blessings Sue

  Kachina is the first Earth Angel I have ever painted and one of my first paintings.
She is very sacred to me because I have always felt a deep connection 
to Native Americans. 
I chose to paint the owl perched on Kachina's shoulder to symbolize
the wisdom of the feminine side of the Native American culture.
My intention was to show the gentle, loving yet strong spiritual nature
 of sacred feminine Native American wisdom. 

When I was visting Sedona, Arizona with my spiritual friend Donna 
(This was a trip we had been wanting to take for years and the door opened for us to be there on 10-10-10. This was definitely not a coincidence when her husband decided to back out of their trip at the last minute which opened the door for me to go.)

While we were driving one day through a National Forest Park we saw 
some Native American women selling some of their crafts.
We found some lovely items and I talked a long time 
to this beautiful Native American young lady.
She told me how she had pushed her heritage away and set out to 
California. I think she did some modeling.
But one day she heard a voice pulling her home.
She had always had a feisty personality. 
She was never like the calm and quiet dispositions of her feminine family and friends.
So she rebelled for years.
But when she returned to her heritage and to her home she realized that she 
had a gift to share and her family and friends had gifts she needed.
So she used her outgoing personality to create the business side for her
 She also learned to appreciate the beauty of her heritage and the beauty as well as the strength in the gentle feminine power of the females in her life. 
I felt a deep connection to this lady and I got her card.
I was touched to tears, which poured down my face, when I walked away.
My friend Donna turned to me and said, "Charlotte did you notice that she looks just like your 
painting, Kachina?"
Chills ran down my back. I couldn't believe it. 
She did look just like Kachina. 
The name Kachina comes from Hopi origins
 and it is portrayed to mean "spirit". 
I also found out that it means"sacred dancer". 

I knew we had met before...

When I taught 2nd grade, (for 10 years), my favorite thing to teach was the unit of Native Americans.
 I went to great details to teach the major tribes of North America
 and I tried to share each of their contributions. 

I wanted to go beyond the feather and typical teachings.
I wanted my students to understand each group in a deeper sense and then I wanted to
 show how each group  contributed to a greater message of the whole.
I wanted to do justice to the beauty of these spirits who 
were trying to teach us so much about Mother Earth...our home. 
I was happy to know that I had planted a seed of hope in each of  my children, a seed of wisdom and a seed of love...a seed for the future of our Mother Earth.

My intention in painting Kachina was to pay homage to the wisdom, respect and deep spiritual love
 the Native Americans have for Mother Earth. 
I was deeply saddened to see how their gifts, their wisdom and their message fell on deaf ears.
Yet now we are being forced to finally listen to it because of the damage we have done to our beautiful home, Mother Earth.
 By choosing to show Kachina with the Owl...the wisdom that is always there
even in the "dead of night" when all is asleep. The owl sees and cuts through the illusion of darkness.
Kachina is portraying a peaceful wise look that penetrates your heart if you look deeply into her eyes.

"We" are at the point in our lives in our evolution when the refusal to "listen" is no longer possible.
We must appreciate the love and beauty all of God's creations.
We are all very powerful and we each have a very powerful message.
When we see the beauty within....we appreciate it without. 
For neither are truly ever separated from us...unless we refuse to love.
Love is the thread that connects us all into ONENESS!
Are we listening?


  1. Is it possible to find this womans location so you can send her a copy of this print? You were brought together spritually and that's so powerful. How incredible that you were also given the chance to meet her face to face. One of lifes very special moments. What a blessing!!

  2. Janie, I so wanted to do just that. But I got so involved in life and lost the information.
    I am open if it comes back. We were so connected. I really wished I could have be more aware
    to keep that connection. I felt connected to this group of Native American musicians too.
    I bought their CD.
    It was a very mystical journey for my spiritual friend and I. 10-10-10...

  3. This is proof that spirit is working overtime. Lots of synchronisities connected with this beautiful lady! I love how so many people are connecting to her she is so wonderful to look at. Keep up the great work spirit is moving forward.

    1. Thank you so much Donna!! I am loving writing my stories.
      Thanks for the support!