Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Mermaid

               “Seas the Day!”

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Mysterious and fascinating, 
Mermaids have memorized
 the human mind for over 5,000 years.

From early childhood memories
 of Hans Christian Anderson’s
 Little Mermaid,  
Disney’s beloved “The Little Mermaid” 
to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books,
humans just can’t seem
 to get enough of mermaids. 
It's not just the western cultures, 
but the Japanese, Philippines, and the Russians have been fascinated 
for centuries as well.

There seems to be a drop
 of the ocean in us all.

When we stand before the ocean
 we can feel it calling us to remember....
who we are and where we are going.

“The Sea Beckons Me”

What I Learned
This painting came to me as I was moving 
through so major life changes.
I think the energy was teaching me to let
 go and trust that all that I need
will flow to me.
I don't have to seek it, strive for it or fight for it.

Just as the ocean ebbs and flows 
so do the moments and experiences
 of my life. 
Sometimes things flow in and out
gently and effortlessly. 
But sometimes I feel 
like I am drowning or
 being pulled out to sea.

During these times it is important 
for me to remember not to struggle against the current. 
It will only wear me out 
or pull me under.

It is often best to just stay afloat and conserve my energy until I move out of the current.

This is a lesson that I often struggle
with and so I often have to repeat 
it over and over again.

However each time this lesson cycles
around I am able to wake up quicker
and I struggle less.

I think the ocean is a good reminder
of how life ebbs and flows
whether I work with it or against it.
 I am learning that the 'ocean of life'
is much bigger than I am, 
so it makes sense to surrender to its flow and enjoy the journey.

The Ocean of Life is filled with many 
So why be in such a rush.

Enjoy each moment
let your dreams set sail.

Stages of the Painting

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If you love me...


A Wonderful
  Poster for 
Your Child's Room 

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Have you hugged your child today?
Sometimes we get so busy in our lives and sometimes we forget to 
stop and connect with the most precious gifts we have to share with the world...
our children.

Don’t forget
 this moment is the most powerful moment you have to say.

I love you!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Skylar, Earth Angel of the Netherlands

“Skylar“ Protecting Earth Angel of The Netherlands
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 May we travel through life
knowing the angels are always with and within us.”

are never alone
 even when we feel
 separated from the world.
There are
 always guardian angels waiting to protect, love, comfort, support
 and guide us to see and feel the light within our hearts. 
When we listen to the stillness within we are 
able to become present in the moment
where true love is found.
I think we are all really just angels in training
 learning to share unconditional love on the Earth.
When we are able to feel unconditional love within
we are ready to lift up and take flight on the wings of love.

“I Celebrate My Unity With
 All Life Knowing
 we are All 

“Be still, 
look within 
trust in the Oneness
 and then you will find your own 
angel’s wings
 just waiting for you to take flight...
on the breath of unconditional love and grace.”
“What I Learned"
The name Skylar is a Dutch name meaning sheltering.
As you can easily see the angel is guarding 
the sweet little boy and girl.
Even though they are unaware of the storm that is brewing 
their guardian angel is keeping a vigilant watch over them.

This painting is very dear to me and the story behind the painting  is a very intimate one but 
I will try to share it as best as I can.
Although it is not easy for me to shorten stories,
 I will do my best. 

A few of years ago, I decided to paint an Earth Angel
 from the Netherlands to add to my series Earth Angels from Cultures Around the World.
But each time I tried to paint her something
 kept me from moving forward.
You see my paintings always have lessons to teach me.
So they have their own "time".

I was inspired by my internet friend, Iain, 
whom I met through my art.
Iain lives in the Netherlands and his heart
 is filled with love, compassion and light.
I have been fortunate to experience it many times
 through our back and forth emails.
I must say, I was thrilled when Iain sent me several pictures
 of places in the Netherlands to ignite my creativity spark.

Although I have never met Iain in person,
 it feels as if I have known him for years. 
His tender heart reminds me of my relationship
 with my brother when we were growing up,
 which leads me in the next part of my story.

When I began this painting about a year ago I noticed that 
the little boy and girl who appeared on my canvas,
 reminded me of my brother and myself when we were young.
This triggered some deeper introspection within. 
So I stopped my painting and built my cocoon so the transformation process could begin.
For a little over a year, I began turning and twirling
 around and around
 like a windmill, on the winds of change.
 Each cycle took me deeper into my family
 and ancestral healing patterns dealing with
a lack of trust and feelings of being lost...
away from home.
Sometimes when we have not finished making peace
 with our past, the shadows arise within our bodies and pull us deeper within to heal.
My higher self, reminded me that I could revisit these 
childhood wounds with my adult self.
 Now that I am older and stronger,
 I can see these events from a higher perspective. 

As I stepped into these shadows with my
higher perspective they began to melted into the
 stuck emotions that were suppressed in my body.
 Without becoming fixated or dwelling on these suppressed
 emotions but at the same time allowing myself
 to feel the anger, grief, and fear I was able
 to move through with courage.  
This process often arose out of my unconscious,
 at night when my subconscious was more open.

In the stillness of the night, I was able to rock my inner child
and breathe through the emotions
while reminding her that everything was okay.
My mantra was "I Am Here".
I could feel the presence of the "I AM"
 which is within us all.
A peace would settle in and washed over me.
My heart began to turn towards this compassionate light
 much like the pink tulips in the fields…
soaking up the sun.

Of course there are often many layers to past events
but as I become stronger,
the shadows begin to dim and melt
 into the light of our higher consciousness.

As I let go and feel my way through the emotions
I become less triggered by the shadows.
However, when I am triggered,
 I am able to once again
step into my power and
 allow the emotions
 to flow.

(I am not afraid
 of the storms anymore…
For now I know that
 "I AM" 
is with me)

Pictures from Iain

 Stages of the Painting

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hannah, "Little Angel of Faith, Grace and Spiritual Awareness

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“Hannah" Little Angel of Faith, Grace & Spiritual Awareness
Just like a sunflower...
“Keep your face always towards the sunshine,
and the shadow will fall behind you.”
~ Walt Whitman

Throughout the day,
 the sunflower moves to face the sun,
so that it can receive the maximum
 life giving rays.

This is a wonderful spiritual symbol showcasing
how a strong faith within 
allows us to trust the journey of life and 
to grow towards the Divine Light of Love.

As we move towards the light of love
we are able to break through our limitations
and unfold our newly found wings
so that we can share our unique gifts
 with the world.
* * *
To Plant a garden...
is to believe in tomorrow.
~ Audrey Hepburn

What I Learned
I throughly enjoyed my time painting 
this sweet painting of Hannah, 
a dear friend of mine's precious daughter.
Hannah is one very incredible girl, 
who is very creative,
expressive and talented.
When I think of Hannah, 
I think of someone who can not only speak
 her mind with ease 
but also someone who shines her light with faith, grace and awareness.
I continuously learn so much from Hannah, 
but I would say one of the biggest things
 I have learned
is to embrace the unique light within
 with courage
 and let it shine!

(Notice not only the beautiful sunflowers
with their brilliant warm yellow faces,
beckoning you to shine your smile,
but also the sprinkling of magical butterflies
 sprouting from Hannah's wings 
symbolizing her creative 
 and awe-inspiring dreams. 
Hannah wears pink with sparkles to symbolize her compassionate heart that sparks
with joy.)

I listened to this wonderful song, by Amanda Cook from the album "You Make Me Brave"
 while writing about Hannah.

So Hannah…I was inspired to write this
in the memory of your wonderful connection  
to nature,
with all her plants, animals and
 her splendid unique living creatures.
Here's to you Hannah, for shining your beautiful light!!
You inspire me daily!

When we plant the seeds of our faith,
 and allow the miracles of grace and wonder
 to flow through...
our flowers will bloom in the garden of our life. 

Meet Hannah

Stages of The Painting

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amishi, Earth Angel Bride of India

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Amishi Earth Angel From India 

""When the one man loves the one woman
and the one woman loves the one man,
The very angels desert heaven
and come and sit in that house and sing for joy."
~The Braham Sutras

Amish represents the innocencence of a young bride
on her wedding day.
A wedding in India is a very sacred time for all
"brides to be" and it is highly celebrated with different
rituals for many days.
The marriage is not just about two people
coming together but rather two families as well.
Both families come together to celebrate the union
and give their blessings.
On the morning of her wedding,
a young bride takes a moment to reflect on her life
and how she is moving on to a new horizons and 
new responsibilities.

It is a sweet and precious time for the bride.
This painting represents this very private and tender
contemplative moment. 
Trust is the start of it,
And joy is a big part of it,
But love is always at the heart of it.
"When the one man loves the one woman
and the one woman loves the one man,
the very angels desert heaven
and come and sit in that house and sing for joy."
~The Brahma Sutras

What I Learned
Every culture and every family has their own
special traditions and rituals 
for the wedding ceremony,
but one thing seems to be common,
 it is a very sacred time to celebrate two lives
 coming together as one.

I enjoyed learning about the traditions 
and sacred rituals of India for the wedding day.
Celebrating this rite of passage with the entire 
family reminds us to hold the bride and groom
together in love and harmony.

Stages of the Painting
Notice the Hindu symbols
I glued onto the canvas
to give it texture.