Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Child Within

"The Child Within"

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My Inner Child's Prayer
"May I keep my heart open with gratitude
and my curiosity alive.

And may I allow my dreams the freedom...
to sprout their wings."

Always keep your inner child close to your heart 
and you will see the miraculous in everything.

This painting is very special and dear to me.
She represents the little angel that lives in
each of our hearts.
 I call her the “child within”.
Through the innocent eyes of the child
 we are able to see beauty all around.
We know that we are creating our world
 and we allow our curiosity to keep us in wonder.

The child reminds us to live in the moment
 where everything is born. 
When we live in each breath we are grateful,
 loving and appreciative for all that we have,
 for we know 
that everything we need is always available.

Fear cannot live in the moment....it needs the
projections of the past or future. 

Breathe in and know the beauty of life.

Adults are obsolete children.  
~Dr. Seuss
What I Learned
While walking through this painting experience 
I was able to go deeply into my inner child.
She taught me many things. 
Some of them I forgot…maybe I was not ready 
to open those doors.
But some of the things stuck…
and they continue to teach me 
and wake me up when I fall back asleep.
Here are a few of them:

"Living in the moment is really
well…it is just living.
For in the moment… 
everything lives."

"The Now moment includes all of the past shadows
 and all of the future possibilities.
Nothing is truly separate."

When we wake up and remember ….
that all we have is NOW...
we are able to breathe life in...
We are able to create our dreams.

"Keep your inner child close to your heart
for she holds the key to your innocent 
and your creative expression."

"Your inner child quietly waits your embrace…
and she is always ready to dance
with the song of life."

"You never have to grow old….
for old is just a state of mind.
A youthful heart….is an open heart…
which is always ready to expand."

"Embrace your curiosity…
it is your inner child's sense of wonder…
it is where miracles are born."

"Dance to the music of the heart…
let your feet show you the way to your smile."

"Sunshine reflects on the unseen wonders of the moon.
Both the seen and unseen work together
to create all that is….
as above so below."

"Let go….
there is nothing to fear!"

"Still the mind and open the heart…
then together they can flow to the rhythm of life."

Rock your inner child 
and let her know you are always there.
She is the shining jewel in your cradle of life.

The whole world lives 
inside your own heart."

We are all coming home…
so allow everyone to "be" who they are…
and they will let you "be" who you are
without judgment.

Remember who you are…
The One in the All
The All in the One.

One Love!!

Stages of the Painting

Selina, Little Angel of the Moon

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Selina, "Little Angel of the Intuition
                  & Unseen World"

“The moon in her chariot of pearl” 

Selina like the moon,
 moves as if she is a graceful cat creeping
 in the darkness of night..
one moment she is seen,
and the next she is not.

In the ebbing and flowing of life’s cycles,
 we come to know not only what is made visible and certain
 but we also learn to believe in the infinite
 and what lies beyond our sight.

Sometimes what we fear is just shadows of our 
past or things we think we are not yet
  fully ready to walk through in the future.

But if we 'still the waters of the mind and
the storm of chaotic chattering' 
we are able to return to the calm of the 
where all possibilities exist.

Through our faith we are guided to trust
 in the Divine Higher Power.
Then we can take up our shield of courage
and listen to our intuition which lies
beyond reasoning.

"We don't have to be worried to walk through the
 shadows of our past, 
for they hold the secrets of the light which is yet to be cast."
What I learned
 As the energy of this painting flowed onto 
my canvas…
it brought many things for me to grasp and to let go.
One of the things I got from this experience
is that the unseen world holds infinite
Our past experiences and our future possibilities are all …
a part of who we are Now.

For the past is really only our perceptions of events.
We remember things differently at different times 
in our life. 
So the past is really as pliable as the future. 
It is not fixed.
 As we change our perceptions
of the past …it changes
 and then so does our present choices 
and our future possibilities.
Everything is truly happening NOW!

Forever is composed of nows. ~Emily Dickinson

Stages of the Painting

Fayanna, Little Angel of Trust

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"Fayanna",          Little Angel Of 
                                  Strength and Courage
Trust is allowing the mind to be still...
 so the heart can point the way.”

Fayanna is a little French Earth Angel symbolizing
 Divine trust, the foundation for all love.
She whispers through a sweet delicate 
yet also very powerful and determined voice.

"Trust in the Divine Power of Love
where everything is born."

“As we learn to trust the innocent
 yet deep-seated essence of our soul 
we behold the genuine fragrance of the flower of life.

Know that trust is the doorway to our faith,
 without entering into faith we cannot wholeheartedly know 
or love ourselves much less another. “

What I Learned
 Fayanna was such a joy to paint.
She reminded me of my time in Paris with my family.
To me Paris was exactly the way I envisioned it.
My journey to Paris began as a dream vision.
My husband and I were going to be celebrating
our 30th anniversary.
We wanted to travel to Europe.
When my girls found out they asked if they 
could join us. 
Well actually they said,
"hey, don't think you are going to Europe without us!"

I knew it was going to take an enormous amount
of faith and trust to allow this trip to 
be born.
Not just because of the expense of the trip
 but also because of my own inner doubt
 when asking for any of my
dreams to be born into the light of day.

 I will say it took a lot of meditating 
and letting go
 to allow this dream
to spread its wings and fly.

Stages of the Painting

Brianna, Little Angel of Strength & Courage

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“Brianna”  Little Angel of Strength and Courage
"Fear and courage are brothers." ~ Proverbs

Brianna is featured with a horse
 to symbolize our personal 
journey towards strength, courage and freedom.
Although horses have long been domesticated by man
 they still maintain their own inner strength and drive.
Powerful one moment yet gentle the next, 
horses seem to ride the wind of change
 with grace and confidence.

The deeper story that Brianna has to share.

At times we may feel weak, fearful,
discouraged or confused with our lives.
We may feel as if we have lost our power.
It is during these times that we need to quiet the 
endless chattering and projections of the mind so
that we can find our center, the heart.
Without the balance between the mind, heart and spirit
we are thrown into the drama wheel of projections.

The silenced heart, awaits for our return
so that once again we can feel life more deeply.
When we are ready, we step into our 
courage and our fear.
For courage is not facing life without fear.
Courage is knowing when and how to
face our fear so that we move into action.
Working together, courage and fear 
 move us to higher ground.

We don't want to push, pull or run
from our fear, for it is merely parts of ourselves
that we separated from or denied.
We want to allow it to move through us
so that we can unite the shattered 
parts and return to our wholeness.

We may need to shake through our fear
as it moves through us and
 we may need to allow the cleansing tears to flow.
Sometimes we may need to get to bended knee
and ask for help and guidance.
But as we allow our warrior side to move in
we will remember we are not alone.
We are always connected to the Divine.

We will once again wake up and know who we truly are,
we will remember to...
"Just…. Be Still."

While we are present in the moment,
we can let go of the fight or flight compulsions.
In this sacred space, we will know
 everything is happening
 in the Divine Flow.

"May we ride the changes of life with the confidence and courage
 that is always present within."

“What I Learned” 

I have always been drawn to the power yet gentle grace of horses.
I think all girls have a deep connection to their beauty and strength.
Maybe it is our way to connect to the inner feminine beauty and strength
while still maintaining our grace and gentle qualities.

While painting Brianna, I was guided
 to find my own inner strength and courage.
I have spent so much of my life giving my power
 away to others or running from my fears.
I tried to make everyone around me happy and 
it was often at the expense of losing myself.
I wanted to control my environment
so I could feel at ease.
It took a very long time to realize 
that I was not controlling anything.
I was casting a web of an inauthentic life.
I was not being myself. 
I allowed my fear to control me which
left me weak and scared.

During my inner journey, I was guided to go deeper within to learn more about myself.
I was also lead to feel my fear and allow it to flow through me.
By having the courage to do this I am able to
take my power back
that I gave to others and I am able to give back the 
power others have given to me. 
This enables me to reconnect 
with parts of myself I lost along the way.
It also allows me to find my creative voice and
 my own talents,
 so that I may share these gifts 
with the world.

Through this daily process I am learning
that the greatest thing I can do for others
is to allow everyone to experience their 
own path without me trying to control or force 
things to be a certain way.
I am also learning that when I focus on my own journey
I am able to see that we are all walking our own paths. 
We can be compassionate with each other and we can offer assistance when others
ask for our help.
But we don't need to judge things as being good or bad.
We don't need to "fix" others.

 "Everyone has the right to experience their 
own Life as they choose. 
And everyone has their 
own connection to 'All That IS'"

Stages of the Painting

Ethan, Little Angel of Confidence & Courage

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Ethan  Angel of Confidence & Strength                                   

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, 
you cease for ever to be able to do it.” 

Ethan represents the little child angel of confidence and strength.
He reminds us that nothing can be accomplished
 without first having confidence within ourselves.
Even if some people do not believe in our dreams or our abilities
to bring them to life doesn’t mean it will not happen.
It may just mean that they don’t yet have the faith
 within themselves. 
You just may be the beacon of light
that they need to see their own gifts within.

When you allow your dreams to sprout wings
You lift others up as well. 

“You may say I'm a dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one”
                                  ~john Lennon

“What I Learned"
This painting reminded me not to allow others to 
shadow my light. 
I have the power to allow my light to 
shine out into the world no matter
if no one believes yet in my abilities.
By working through my own fears I can
encourage others to do the same.
We all have special gifts to share with the world
and it is up to us to nurture them so that they 
can grow.
"You are the Light of the World"
“Stages of the Painting"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lily and Otis, Little Angel of Self-Empowerment

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“Lily “ Little Angel of Self-Empowerment

“Whether you say you can't or you can, you're right.” 

The energy that flowed in while painting Lily 
was like a sweet peaceful breeze.
Inspired by a sweet compassionate little girl,
this painting reminded me to let my gifts
flow out into the world.

When we share our extraordinary gifts with the world
we find the power that has been bestowed within us...
we find our treasures...our light.

Each of us has a very special part to play
on the world stage and the only way to do it
is to share ourselves.

Sometimes people may not understand us,
they may not treat us the way we want to be treated.
But when we let go of that thought
 and we can reconnect to the Divine Love in the stillness,
 the love that unites us all, 
we can remember that we are “All One”,
 we are not “alone”.
In this heart space of Oneness,
 we can send love to everyone whether they love us or not.

Then we can move out of people’s way
and know that we are exactly who we are meant to be.
And the world needs us to share who we
 are just as we are.


“What I Learned"
This painting is very special to me.
Inspired by Lily, a very sweet animal loving compassionate 
young girl.
Through her love for animals she found her inner power
and her sweet gifts.
Lily is showed with her arms wide open around Otis, a King Charles spaniel, that is always by her side,
symbolizing that friends
can be found through animals as well as people.

I think nature is a wonderful way for us to still
the inner noise that may have seeped in
by listening to what others think about us.

I have to daily remind myself to reconnect within
...to still the waters  
so that I can connect to the eternal Divine Love. 
Then I can come back
with a broader since of my own uniqueness
and a deeper connection to All That is
 and All That Unites us.
"One Love"
Sometimes we can connect to Universal Love 
by stepping into nature and listening to
her whispers which call for us to be "still". 
Animals are also great teachers. 
Their unconditional love surrounds us and 
 helps us to opens our hearts.
Sometimes we can reconnect with ourselves
 more deeply by tapping into our creative talents.
Through these talents we can expand
 and in turn connect more profoundly with others.

I painted Lily with a red cowgirl hat…
showing the grounding inner power and strength.
When we think of a "cowgirl", we think of a
 strong and courageous girl.

One of my favorite songs to listen to when I want to 
connect to the feminine strength within is 
by Shania Twain, Juanita.

Lily is shown wearing pink to represent
 her compassionate heart
 and a rainbow necklace to reveal her unique array of gifts
that she is ready to share with the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lily.
I enjoyed dancing with my inner child
while listening to some fun country music.
Here are some great guitar parts by
Keith Urban & John Mayer..

Meet Lily & Otis
(as well as her other dogs)

 I used these pictures to create my composition.
I had to find another spaniel but tried to use Otis's markings and energy.

“Stages of the Painting"