Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elemental Earth Angel

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Earth Angel
“The earth does not belong to us. 
We belong to the earth.” 

This sweet painting was created
 not only to honor
 Mother Earth
 as one of the four elements 
but also as our home.
We not only receive
 this precious home
from our parents hands
 but we also borrow it 
from our children’s souls.

So it is our duty
 to be the best caretakers
 before we pass it on. 

Stages of the Painting

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood …Walking through the Fears.

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What we most fear doing is usually what we most need to do.

 “Face our fears      
Live our dreams.”

Little Red Riding Hood
Walking Through The Fears
Wearing a special red cloak of inner strength and power, Little Red Riding Hood sets out on a journey to claim her independence. She knows that in order to achieve this she must conquer some of her greatest fears in the forest of her past. It is time for her to let go of her dependency on external relationships so that she can move forward in her life with confidence and courage.

As Little Red Riding Hood steps into the dark woods, the snow begins to fall casting an eerie veil over everything.   Although the darkness feels scary and lonely she remembers she is not really alone, for a white dove is perched on her shoulder, symbolizing the Divine Guidance that lives within.

As she moves further into the forest she shudders from the cold and from the deafening silence of the darkness.  Sleep creeps in as her awareness begins to slip away. In the veil of sleep, her fears rise up. Although she cannot see anything, she feels a shadowy figure lurking behind her.  This shadow follows her everywhere she goes. She feels like a prisoner in her own heartbeat. Frozen with fear, she cannot even run away, for she realizes that there is no place to hide. Finally, she wakes up from the torment and calls out into the darkness, “what do you want from me?” All she hears is the pounding of her own heart. 

Again she ask in a much louder and more confident voice, “what do you want?” In the stillness of the forest, she breathes in a deep breath and quiets her mind. Echoing from the deep recesses of darkness, she hears a loud barking sound. It gets louder and louder. She tries to cover her ears but nothing can block out the deafening sounds. As the shadow creeps closer and closer, she can barely stand in her own skin. She takes another deep breath and starts to shake. Her whole body begins to tremble.

Too weak to stand, she falls into the snow as an explosion of tears erupt from the deep recesses of her body. She cries and cries from the depths of her soul. 

Exhausted by her tears, Little Red Riding Hood surrenders to a calm cleansing breeze which flows over her body.   Listening intently, she hears a soft yet angry message which seems to  rise out of the barking sounds but as she focuses more closely she realizes that the sounds are actually flowing out of her own heart. It is as if a small child is sobbing within. She ask again, “what do you want?” To her astonishment she hears, “you abandoned me in my time of need and you pushed me away. You looked for your power outside of yourself. How can I trust you to be there for me? How can I share my gifts with you when you will not listen to me? You worry about the entire world but you do not think of me. Don’t you know that I am what you seek, for everything in your world comes from within and is reflected out?”

Little Red Riding Hood begins to rock herself back and forth. Tears streaming down her face, she realizes that she has abandoned herself. She abandoned the little innocent child within.  Through her tears she begs for forgiveness and vows to try harder to stay connected to her inner child. She is amazed to learn that the love she has been seeking externally, has been right inside herself all along.

Thoroughly exhausted but confident and empowered, Little Red Riding Hood emerges out of the forest. As she stands in the clearing with the sun shining through, she feels a presence behind her. No longer fearful, she realizes the shadow is just a messenger delivering what she has long wanted to remember.

As the snow begins to stop, Little Red Riding Hood breathes a sigh of relief, she now knows that she does not need to seek her independence, for it has been with her all along. She merely needs to own it. She is aware that there will be times where she will fall back asleep, however since she found her way through the forest of darkness once, she is confident that she will be able to wake up again. Together with the child who lives in her heart, she will continue to move forward on her journey of life, creating new adventures and dreams one step at a time. 
Watch theSpeed Painting
Little Red Riding Hood

The Stages of the painting

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vortexes of Sedona

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Vortexes of Sedona

Sedona is known world-wide to be a spiritual mecca due to the majestic grounding red rock and energy vortexes. The healing qualities of these invisible energies touch the heart, mind and soul. Many alternative healers are drawn to Sedona’s spectrum of spiritual and healing gifts.

There are different types of energy vortexes in Sedona. These vortexes are swirling centers of subtle energy that flow from the surface of the earth.  Although the energy is not exactly electricity or magnetism they seem to offer these same qualities to many sensitive people. Some are upflow vortexes and they are called electric or masculine sites. These vortexes are said to help you soar upwards in prayer and meditation to face problems from a soul level. Airport Vortex is a powerful model of the masculine side. It is a potent vortex that is said to increase your concentration, decision making skills and to increase your ability to problem solve. Inflow Vortexes are called magnetic or feminine. These energy upflows help you go within to your inner world. They are known to help you find your life purposes and how to heal hurts in your past. Cathedral Rock is an example of the feminine vortex which is said to strengthen your feminine and spiritual inward side.

Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock Vortexes are said to strengthen the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. The yin/yang balance is what we are all ultimately striving for. No matter how evolve we are we are learning that the way we treat others is also the way we treat ourselves. If the masculine side is stronger than the feminine then we will be too strong and we could do harm to others because we can be too pushy as well as take advantage of others. On the other hand if we are too feminine we will let others push us around and allow them to take advantage of us. Our emotions are a good indicator for where we are in each moment. If we are feeling angry and less fearful then our masculine is stronger. If we are feeling more like a victim or fearful then our feminine side is too strong. Having good intimate relationships is determined by the balance of our feminine and masculine sides.

The more sensitive you are the more you will feel the energy of these vortexes. You can actually see the twisting of trees in the strongest energy vortex sites.

My painting of the Sedona vortexes was created out of a spiritual trip I took with a my spiritual friend. Our friendship is more like a spiritual partnership where our journey has been taking us on a quest within. After years of wanting to go to Sedona together we finally got to the opportunity to go on 10-10-10. It was a powerful time on our journey so I wanted to capture the essence of the experience.

The painting depicts the balance of the masculine and feminine energy. The sunny blue skies with a dabble of clouds here and there, represen the opening of the throat chakra. The scattering of clouds with the sun shining through represents the subs-conscious opening up to reveal emotional blockages. The masculine vortexes are shining bright which represents the areas of the masculine side that need to surface and expand. The feminine side is representing by the swirling vortex energy on the right side. Inside the feminine vortex you will see a crow. 

Crows are known by many cultures to be the communication spirit totems and guides. Since crows are known to build they nest in very tall trees they represent seeing life from a higher perspective. They are said to help you develop your power of sight, intuition and spiritual transformation. You might notice that crows will chase much larger birds out of their territory. This makes them a good symbol to call on when you need more personal will power and ability to speak your truth.  Crows are also very social and they band together so they are a good symbol for cooperation and working for the greater good of the community. Since they are black in color they represent the void and spiritual side. They are a good symbol for the messengers of the spirit world and they are known to dwell beyond the realm of time and space so they live in the past, present and future simultaneously. They merge the light and dark...the inner and the outer world to form balance. They are also known to aid in the courage to enter the subconscious and inward spiritual realms. They encourage you to “walk your talk” and to let go of patterns that no longer serve you. Crows are also known to represent magic. Since these animals are common all around the globe they are a good reminder that magic is everywhere.

Here is a video of my trip with wonderful Native American Music. 
We met the musicians.

Also you can see some of my photographs of Sedona from my photography shop.

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On a personal note. 
While I was in Sedona I met a wonderful Native American lady who looked just like a painting I had just recently painted.

Kachina,  Native American Earthangel 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dream On Dreamer

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Dream On Dreamer
“The best way to make your dreams come true
is to 
Wake Up!
This painting was created as a reminder
to slow down so that I can allow my dreams to surface from within.

Be still...
Then let your dreams go
For on the wings of faith, love and courage
 they will begin to glow.

Remember if we don’t have a dream 
how can we have a dream come true.

(And if we have forgotten how to unlock our dreams 
we have to find our child within...
she always has the key.)

What I Learned

I love learning from my nighttime dreams. 
I reflect on what the dream is trying to 
reveal to me about my life or
how I have gotten off track.
I really appreciate those precious moments
when I have lucid dreams because I 
become the dreamer of my dreams 
instead of the dreamed.

My lucid dreams usually begin when I realize that something in the dream doesn't quite make sense or when I know what is going to happen next.

It kind of reminds me of one of my favorite movies
called Groundhog's Day  where the character
keep having the same dream happen over
and over until he wakes up and realizes
that he is co-creating his life.

When I wake up from one of these dreams,
 for one brief moment,
 I remember that this life is merely a dream
 within a dream.
 I remember that life is never really as serious
or as scary as it sometimes seems.

But the illusion of life is so strong that
it isn't long before I fall back asleep
and become apart of the dream again.

So during these times I try to remember 
the little childhood song we all know so well.
Row, row, row your boat....
gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.

 Not saying that some dreams don't feel like nightmares
but that is when we have forgotten
 that we are the dreamer, 
we have allowed ourselves to become
 "the dreamed".

Before we can become the dreamer of our own life
we have to wake up from the illusion of this world
where duality keeps us seeking externally
what has always been right inside each one of us.

Sometimes this is not so easy to do.
We have to face our fears, 
those nagging voices in our minds.

But each time we wake up 
we get stronger and stronger.
Through this strength we stay awake
just a little bit longer than the time before.

Here's to becoming the
Dreamer of your life.


Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live.

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“Love Your Life”

Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live.

Sometimes this statement is just too hard to believe.
Can we truly love every minute of our life?

Even though it is difficult to find the love
 in the bumps and pain of our life,
when we stop and look deep within we can see that even 
these difficult hurdles are calling us to return to love.
Just as a baby intensifies its cries so that 
the mother will return
 so does our life intensify its whispers
when we stray too far away from ourselves.

Is it time to fall in love with your life?
Don’t wait until your life flashes before your eyes 
before you remember the dreams
 you came to experience.
Every single moment is your life.

Make each precious moment count...
it is the gift that you came to receive.

Make your life worth Loving.

What I Learned
When I started this painting I was trying to come to 
terms with some very difficult cross roads in my life.
These detours have preoccupied my attention 
for the last couple of years.
Some days are better than others.
There are days that I have a deep unflinching faith 
while others seem to test the very core of my beliefs.

When I fall into a hopeless sense of feeling lost
 I briefly lose all my sense of joy and
 I just cannot seem to find the light.
These are the difficult days to love life.

But when I finally let go and surrender the struggle 
I am pulled deeper within to the silence of my soul.
In these very intimate and powerful times, 
I begin to wake up again and remember that everything
 is really just calling me to return to love.

I am reminded that even these shadows of my life
 have meaning and purpose.
For without the shadows how can I experience 
the fullness of the light.

 I believe these shadows are merely
 "separated and suppressed parts of myself"
that I pushed away until I became strong enough to 
walk through them.
When the time comes these shadows rise up 
out of my body to be heard and felt.
They may show up in the duality of this life
in the form of drama, karma, pain, accidents or
health issues.
But when I am ready to hear their message
and allow them to return to the Whole Self…
the healing begins and I expand to
 more awareness of who I am.

However I know that even in these
 moments of awareness,
I will slip again into the illusion of life
 and forget who I really am.
But I will say, 
my journey is teaching me to be
 more gentle and forgiving of myself and others.
Because no matter what we each believe ...
we are all on this journey together
and we are all doing the best we can
in every moment of our lives
to return home.
Of course, this doesn't mean that we allow people
to break our boundaries or cause us harm nor 
does it mean we can become lazy with how we
treat others…
because I believe that at our core
we are truly remembering that 
we are All One.

So what we do to others 
we are truly doing to ourselves.

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Friday, September 19, 2014


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“Crystal “ “Door Opening”
“You have the freedom to be yourself,
your true self,
here and now,
and nothing can stand in your way.
                         ~Richard Bach

Crystal represents the opening of a door
 to your authentic self.
She is named Crystal because she sees 
clearly and deeply within your soul.
She is peeping around the door as if
to say, “I see you...the REAL YOU.
Let your true voice be heard,
 for it is why you are here.
Do not afraid of being judged...
no one on Earth can be you
 and you are very 
important to the circle of life.”

What I Learned

Crystal started coming to me when I was very frustrated
about situations in my life.
I was second guessing things. 
While I had been experiencing what felt like doors opening
all of a sudden they started closing.
So I had to sit down serious talk
with God, the Universe, my angels and my higher selves
or whatever word you use for the Divine Love of
 “I AM”.

I felt stuck but all I really wanted to know was why
I was feeling so disconnected.
Had a made a wrong turn...was I not seeing the signs?
That night I had a very foretelling dream 
which lead me to have a deep conversation 
within myself.
 So the next day my dear spiritual friend
and I had a chat about what I had been experiencing
and through all of this I realized that I was 
not being my true self in every area of my life.
There was still one place where I hid little parts
 of myself.
Even though I had pulled back many, many layers
 in order to be myself there was still one area
 that I resisted. 
It was time to take another step so 
that I could open the door to a deeper part of myself.

This very important step is leading me to let my light
shine a little more brightly. 
Through this journey I am finding
a deeper sense of my creative voice and
I am also finding my dreams.

“And, when you want something, 
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 
~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

What I Learned