Thursday, March 7, 2013

Etsy Treasury Featuring Enzie Shahmiri

The Irish Eyes Are Smiling
A Sharing HeARTs & Friends Treasury
Featuring Enzie Shahmiri

Enzie is a professional artist who is trained in realism. She uses the Classical Old Master's technique with her oil paintings. Best known for her portraits of people and pets, Enzie's precision to details allows her paintings to come to life. She is able to reflect the essence of the individual's personality. I think she accomplishes this so well because she has a deep understanding and appreciation for people. I have followed Enzie's art for a few years and I must say that she inspires me both creatively and personally. She has a heart of gold and she always willing to share it with others. I have learned so much from Enzie. 
Be sure to check out the links above to her shop and to her blog to learn more about Enzie and her art.


  1. I've always been a huge fan. Thanks Charlotte for highlighting such talent.

  2. I love Enzie's art!!! She is truly amazing!

  3. Enzie's work is amazing. I always love to see her new additions to her shop.

    1. Thank you Michele. I love Enzie's work too. Hope you are well! Wishing you many happy sales!

  4. What a nice surprise to be featured so lovingly on your new blog Charlotte. I truly appreciate it and feel very honored.

  5. It truly is my honor Enzie! I wish you many, many happy sales!

  6. So wonderful to read about other artists and there work. What a great treasury to be included in Enzie. Kudos to you both :)