Thursday, March 7, 2013

About Fiona, Earth Angel From Ireland

Twenty-two years ago I was lucky to visit this beautiful Emerald Island and I instantly fell in love with its magic.  I marveled at its forty shades of lush green landscapes and the tranquility that emitted from this rich land. But I guess more than anything I connected to the people on a soul level. It stirred the cellular memories that laid dormant in the essence of my being. My ancestral bond has always been kept close to the heart in my family. We have celebrated St. Patrick's day throughout my adult life by participating in the local parade and making Irish soda bread along with the typical Irish meal (corned beef and colcannon). 

So you can imagine how thrilled I was this past year when we planned out family trip to Europe. I was thrilled to share my joy of this breathtakingly beautiful land. We rented a house and were able to travel all over the west coast of Ireland. Although much has changed since my previous trip and since I painted this picture,  one thing remains the same, Ireland is still rich in its beauty and it still provides a great reminder for us to appreciate nature. (See below for the story of the Making Of Fiona)

Photographs From Our Trip

The Making of Fiona, Earth Angel Of Ireland

As you can see my connection to Ireland runs deep so when I thought to do an Earth Angel from Ireland I just knew her name would be Fiona. My daughters and I love the Irish movie "The Secret of Roan Inish" and the main character's name is Fiona. I just love that name. 

Fiona represents the deep connection of heritage and roots. She reflects the knowledge that we carry our past into our present as we set our eyes on the future. We are apart of our ancestors and they are apart of us. They are our past and we are their future. Quantum physics tells us that time is not lineal but rather 'all time' is happening Now. So our past is with us now and so we can change our past as we change our perceptions of the past. We don't have to go back to our futures in a time machine, we can go there in our thoughts and in our silence. 

Our future has many possibilities ...the choices we make now includes the past and the future possibilities. So if we want a brighter present or more possibilities in the future all we have to do is reflect on our past with a different perspective and perception of the events. We can see these events differently because we have expanded our perceptions of what happened and why it happened. We can stop judging it through the eyes of fear or regret.  In other words, all time is happening right now, our past, present and future possibilities. So as we change our perceptions... everything changes. 


  1. As always, I enjoy seeing your work. I agree with what you've written, here. Btw: I've always loved the name Fiona and have a doll with that name. :)

  2. Thank you. I appreciate the support. From one artist to another. Keep doing what you love!

  3. Oh, you've made me want to go to Ireland! Beautiful painting and gorgeous pictures. Thanks for this lovely post! ♥

  4. Thanks Shelly for the support! Ireland is a definite must see! It is soul cleansing! I appreciate you posting here.

  5. Luck of the Irish is with you, on this fantastic post. Oh my goodness just sitting here looking at the beautiful photography and reading about Fiona puts me right back again in the green isle of Ireland.