Friday, September 19, 2014


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“Crystal “ “Door Opening”
“You have the freedom to be yourself,
your true self,
here and now,
and nothing can stand in your way.
                         ~Richard Bach

Crystal represents the opening of a door
 to your authentic self.
She is named Crystal because she sees 
clearly and deeply within your soul.
She is peeping around the door as if
to say, “I see you...the REAL YOU.
Let your true voice be heard,
 for it is why you are here.
Do not afraid of being judged...
no one on Earth can be you
 and you are very 
important to the circle of life.”

What I Learned

Crystal started coming to me when I was very frustrated
about situations in my life.
I was second guessing things. 
While I had been experiencing what felt like doors opening
all of a sudden they started closing.
So I had to sit down serious talk
with God, the Universe, my angels and my higher selves
or whatever word you use for the Divine Love of
 “I AM”.

I felt stuck but all I really wanted to know was why
I was feeling so disconnected.
Had a made a wrong turn...was I not seeing the signs?
That night I had a very foretelling dream 
which lead me to have a deep conversation 
within myself.
 So the next day my dear spiritual friend
and I had a chat about what I had been experiencing
and through all of this I realized that I was 
not being my true self in every area of my life.
There was still one place where I hid little parts
 of myself.
Even though I had pulled back many, many layers
 in order to be myself there was still one area
 that I resisted. 
It was time to take another step so 
that I could open the door to a deeper part of myself.

This very important step is leading me to let my light
shine a little more brightly. 
Through this journey I am finding
a deeper sense of my creative voice and
I am also finding my dreams.

“And, when you want something, 
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 
~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

What I Learned

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