Monday, November 10, 2014

Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live.

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“Love Your Life”

Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live.

Sometimes this statement is just too hard to believe.
Can we truly love every minute of our life?

Even though it is difficult to find the love
 in the bumps and pain of our life,
when we stop and look deep within we can see that even 
these difficult hurdles are calling us to return to love.
Just as a baby intensifies its cries so that 
the mother will return
 so does our life intensify its whispers
when we stray too far away from ourselves.

Is it time to fall in love with your life?
Don’t wait until your life flashes before your eyes 
before you remember the dreams
 you came to experience.
Every single moment is your life.

Make each precious moment count...
it is the gift that you came to receive.

Make your life worth Loving.

What I Learned
When I started this painting I was trying to come to 
terms with some very difficult cross roads in my life.
These detours have preoccupied my attention 
for the last couple of years.
Some days are better than others.
There are days that I have a deep unflinching faith 
while others seem to test the very core of my beliefs.

When I fall into a hopeless sense of feeling lost
 I briefly lose all my sense of joy and
 I just cannot seem to find the light.
These are the difficult days to love life.

But when I finally let go and surrender the struggle 
I am pulled deeper within to the silence of my soul.
In these very intimate and powerful times, 
I begin to wake up again and remember that everything
 is really just calling me to return to love.

I am reminded that even these shadows of my life
 have meaning and purpose.
For without the shadows how can I experience 
the fullness of the light.

 I believe these shadows are merely
 "separated and suppressed parts of myself"
that I pushed away until I became strong enough to 
walk through them.
When the time comes these shadows rise up 
out of my body to be heard and felt.
They may show up in the duality of this life
in the form of drama, karma, pain, accidents or
health issues.
But when I am ready to hear their message
and allow them to return to the Whole Self…
the healing begins and I expand to
 more awareness of who I am.

However I know that even in these
 moments of awareness,
I will slip again into the illusion of life
 and forget who I really am.
But I will say, 
my journey is teaching me to be
 more gentle and forgiving of myself and others.
Because no matter what we each believe ...
we are all on this journey together
and we are all doing the best we can
in every moment of our lives
to return home.
Of course, this doesn't mean that we allow people
to break our boundaries or cause us harm nor 
does it mean we can become lazy with how we
treat others…
because I believe that at our core
we are truly remembering that 
we are All One.

So what we do to others 
we are truly doing to ourselves.

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