Friday, January 24, 2014

Felisa Little Angel of Happiness and Luck

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Meet Felisa, to me she symbolizes the ability to see that happiness comes within. 
I believe as we find the happiness within, 
we then see the entire world as a miracle, filled with many surprises and treasures. 
All we have to do is be still and listen within so can connect to All That Is, 
the Divine, the essence of love. 
To me happiness is not in some fleeting thing or experience,
 it is a state of mind as well as a connection to the heart. 
I think little children are Earth Angels who encourage us to connect with our inner child 
so that we too can open up and see through the eyes of innocence. 
As we open up to the innocence of the heart 
we no longer feel separate or alone. 
We feel the whole world inside.

What Felisa Taught Me
When I was painting Felisa, I was going through some difficult growing pains,
but this energy that flowed in reminded me that I was gripping on 
to the past and bracing for the unknown of the future. 
I was not trusting the Divine flow in my life.
By stilling the mind I could hear the heart tell me 
that everything I need is already apart of me.
All I have to do to claim it is open up to the faith and trust 
that is waiting inside. 
Everything flows from the inside out.
So as I open up and trust the Divine Will my fears and my vision of separation
will dissipate .
Then unlimited possibilities can open up 
because they are already a part of me.
I just need to shift my perspective and trust in the Divine plan, 
because I may not be able to see the bigger picture
and I may not understand what I truly need.
My experience is that when I let go, things come to me that 
are far better than my vision can hold.
Ahhh…it really is that simple. 
Why do we complicate it so?
Children don't ...when  they trust the adults
and the adults can trust when they can be present with their inner child.
Yes, it is a circle that never ends. 
So go row, row, row your boat gently down life's stream….
laughing merrily merrily …for life is but a dream. 
Dream big or little …it is your choice.
(P.S. I write these things because I 
am still remembering and forgetting, so I 
have a place to come remember again.)

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