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 Angel Of Solitude & Spiritual Awareness

Tatiana is a Russian name meaning bold and truth.

Tatiana is shown with a white tiger symbolizing the balance of personal strength and truth within. 
The white tiger, is considered to be the balance of the yin and yang. 
It symbolizes the spiritual side as well as the darker side of ourselves.
  They are able to walk on the threshold of both the physical 
and spiritual world with courage and grace.
The dark stripes, represent the fear and emotions 
that we project out into the world and
 the white represents the spiritual essence of our true nature. 
Silent and solitary, this rare animal reminds us to go within ourselves
 to listen to the stillness where we can connect to our 
own unique gifts and talents.
In the stillness, we are able to clear the distractions of the mind, and move
through the suppressed emotions that are stored in our bodies so that we can
embrace the new adventures that are moving into our lives with confidence and courage.
 Having amazing hearing, sense of smell and vision (their night vision is 6 times better 
than that of humans), the white tigers are known to symbolize the ability to sense and see into the world of the extraordinary. 
The white tiger knows exactly who it is and what purpose it serves the planet.

What Tatiana Taught Me
The energy that came in while I was painting
Tatiana reminded me that we have the inner strength to overcome
 the fears and emotions which can create or 
attract threatening situations in our lives and/or in our bodies.
I noticed that I was creating some of the same patterns over and over 
in my life. 
By allowing my self to feel the emotions in private
I learned that I created them as a child because I felt angry 
for not being protected. 
There was no need to keep creating them as an adult 
because I could protect myself. 
As I allowed the emotions to flow I began
rocking myself back and forth releasing the energy.
I felt a sense of calm wash over me. 

These energy thought patterns get stuck in our bodies and may 
may be difficult to shed.
 However, if we look within to find the source of these fears then 
can walk through these energies and reclaim our power.
This allows us to break the chain reactions that  
is caused by the anger or aggression that gets suppressed in our bodies.
We can break the cycle of projections every time we go into 
our protective space and move through the suppressed emotions.
As we wake up we help wake up those around us.

By being spiritually aware we are able to share our talents and unique gifts with the world.

Process of the Painting

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