Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Angel of Clear Vision

Madelyn” Little Angel of Clear Vision)

On this particular day that Madelyn showed up on my canvas, I was feeling quite heavy and anxious in my body. I had been very busy running about with my life and I really hadn’t slow down enough to connect within myself. The color green and turquoise beckoned me forward so I splashed it onto the canvas. As Madelyn began showing up, the first thing I noticed was how clear and sharp her eyes were peering at me. It was like she was looking directing into my soul. It felt like a healing and loving energy. Right away I noticed that she looked as if was of Irish descent and since that is my ancestral lineage I decided to call her Madelyn. When I looked up the meaning of the name, I realized that Madelyn is taken from the Hebrew word Magdala which means tower or great. It is also a village on the sea of Galilee and the birthplace of Mary Madelene. (She was said to be cleaned of all evil spirits by Jesus and she remained with him throughout his ministries and was said to be the first to find Jesus’ empty tomb after his resurrection.) I was instantly taken back. I realized that the energy of Madelyn was telling me to be gentle with myself and to use the clear vision of my soul to guide me through the difficult patches in my life. 

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