Thursday, October 10, 2013

Talini, Little Snow Angel

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Talini Little Snow Angel
“When life brings you snowy weather...
become a snow angel.”

Talini is a sweet little Earth Angel
who represents the warm love of protection
 found within. She is shown wearing a warm
 white coat symbolizing the spiritual healing power
 of love that surrounds us, protects and is within us. 
Oftentimes we are much like the musk deer who is 
constantly searching everywhere for the 
beautiful fragrance of the musk, 
never realizing that the lovely 
scent has been within itself the whole time.
Bliss is not to be found outside of ourselves 
for it exists within us all. 

What I Learned 
Talini is very special to me because she appeared one night when I was feeling frozen in some old childhood fears of not being good enough.
As long as I can remember I could always hear a small voice inside saying, “I want to be a good girl”. 
So as a defense mechanism I tried to do everything
 I could to please others. 
Unfortunately, that kept me on edge much like a dear in the meadow who is constantly looking for danger.

 So as the energy of this painting flowed in I could feel myself starting to move through the feelings of being stuck and frozen in my fear.
 As I began shaking through these fears 
and allowing them to move through my body,
 I visualize myself putting on a white coat of protection while closing my eyes to the world around me.
 In the stillness of my heart, I realized that the love I was seeking was really within myself.
 Just like the musk deer who is constantly searching for the fragrance of musk 
never realizing that the beautiful scent has been within itself the whole time. 
Bliss is not to be found outside of ourselves
buy rather finding that it exists within us. 

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