Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Mirror of the Soul

"Kyoko" (Little Mirror of the Soul)

Kyoko means "Mirror" and the energy that I was experiencing while painting her was about how we are all mirrors for each other. Sometimes we mirror joy, peace and love and sometimes we receive reflections of sadness, anger and fear. Notice Kyoko is holding up two fingers and not pointing one outward. She is reminding us that the mirror reflects the other side of ourselves, the part we are not aware of within.  Instead of pointing fingers at others we realize that they are merely reflecting parts of ourselves back to us. As we return to stillness within, we are able to once again find the balance which some call the yin/yang. Even though we will fall in and out of sleep throughout our lives, we we can always return to the place of stillness and wake up again. And each time we do we remember that we truly are All ONE...(Alone is just All one put are never really alone).

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