Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Return To Innnocence

Rachelle, "Little Lamb"
The Return To Innocence

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When this sweet loving energy began emerging onto my canvas I was very pleased to see it appearing with the same energy that I was experiencing through my body. It was gentle and well as vulnerable and protective. 

I had been getting in touch with some deep feelings within while I was connecting to some lost parts of myself. I was traveling within to my Irish heritage and the very gentle and innocent parts of my inner child. Feeling very vulnerable, I began diving deeper within myself, much further than I had ever gone. I began remembering parts of myself I had lost along the way. Tender parts of my innocence that were fragmented.  Some of these parts of myself were too scared to emerge until I promised to be fully present and protective.

I began forgiving myself for not being fully present in the past when I had splintered these parts. As I went deeply into the process...I felt more connected to myself. I emerge with the sweet gentleness of a lamb and the innocence of a child. I could now protect these energies as they emerged back into my whole self. 

I think we all have splintered parts that we were not able to protect at some point in our lives but as we bring them back to love we remember that we never really lost them....we just forgot them for a bit of time. To me, I think these parts of ourselves are the connection to our soul. So as we embrace them we see the connection that lives in each one of us and it the bridge that connects us to everything ...everywhere. 

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