Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Magic Is All Around.....

Time To loosen up and play!  
Magic is All Around.
Can You See It?"

Magic Is All Around

"Magic is believing in yourself,
 if you can do that, 
you can make anything happen.”

                 ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Some days you just need to loosen up and play!!! 
Life may be stressful, stagnant  or exhausting.
But never forget that magic is all around you. 
There are worlds inside of worlds
 and all of it reflects aspects of our collected whole. 

So there is never a need to remain bored
 or stressed out.
This wonderful life is full of surprises.
Whether you travel inward or outward, 
there will never be
 an end to what you can 
 create, invent, experience
or discover.  
If you feel like you are in a rut,
 it only takes a mere 15 minutes
 of silence  to reset your mind
  and return to the present moment.
Try it, 
a whole new world is waiting
 to be discovered.

“Second star to the right
 and straight on ‘til morning.
              ~ Peter Pan

 The Process Behind the Painting
 Feeling a bit tight and heavy, I realized I needed to loosen up.
 I had been taking life a bit too seriously,
 so I knew I it was time to get in touch with my inner child.
 I needed to play. 
When I need to shift a mood I can usually count on music, 
dancing or doing something creative, and sometimes I do all three.
  Today, I decided to spend the day painting with no expectations.
 After swishing some green and magenta paint onto the canvas
 I chose some stencils and stamps to play with. 
I stamped a key with wings and then I stenciled  two butterflies onto the canvas.
 I really liked the way the green and magenta looked like a garden at sunrise. 

I stepped back and looked at the painting.
 I thought it looked like a good place for fairies.
 After looking at the canvas for a few minutes I thought I would
 place a little girl peeping in on some fairies. 
Then upon a second glance,
 I noticed that a face was already on the canvas.
  I showed it to my daughter and she said, 
"wow...I see it and it looks like you painted it right in.
 I think it wants to be in the painting." 
So right then I knew I needed to fit her 
right in the middle of the painting.
 I chose to make her a fairy.

Once the fairy was anchored into the painting I was free to play.
 As you can see, the bigger fairy is really small
 yet there are even smaller fairies, 
the size of tear drops. 
I had so much fun just playing
 and not taking things so seriously.
 Of course if I was planning this painting
 I would not have chosen to place the objects
 in the same places, 
especially the butterflies. 
But I really like this painting
 just the way it is 
because it feels like a child's painting.
 It felt non-sensical.
 What I Learned
 I realized then that this painting taught me
 exactly what I wanted to accomplish loosen up and just play!!! 
Magic is everywhere you turn.

Sometimes life's journey takes us places 
that we may never choose to go….
but in hindsight we see why the journey was necessary.
 Sometimes just in the letting go…
we get exactly what we need.
 I am grateful for this lesson today
...and it was fun!!!
 I like fun lessons.
 Now it is time to go turn on some music and dance
 and hey, I may even sing along.

Have a great day...playing…
you never know where you will end up.

 Stages of the Painting



  1. Charlotte, I really love the bird piece, with the turquoise breast and the red-violet behind it. Really striking colors together!
    Paula at MixedMediaManic.blogspot

    1. Thank you Paula! I appreciate the comment and support. I hope you enter my giveaway contest.

  2. wow, it looks so great !!!
    when i see these pictures, i feel so peaceful :-x
    thanks so much !!!

    Asian Girl
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