Monday, March 24, 2014

Jenny "Little Angel of Peace & Joy"

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"Jenny “
Little Angel of Peace & Joy

If we have no peace, 
it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. 
                                                      ~Mother Teresa
Jenny is a sweet Earth Angel that represents the peace and joy 
that is found in each present moment. 
She is shown with a white dove to represent inner peace.

When we are truly present in the moment,
we can experience peace and joy 
even in the most painful or chaotic moments.
All we have to do is stop and take a moment to sit
in the stillness where we once again connect to the 
Divine Love.
In this relaxed state, we can feel the love that flows through 
each one of us.
Jenny’s essence is innocent and pure.
 Her blue eyes are wide and inviting. 
She invites us to spread our wings and soak up 
the unending peace and joy that is ever present within.

Joy can be found in every moment.
All we have to do is be still."

What I Learned
This painting is very special to me. 
One of my Facebook friends,
 saw my Kid's Model contest
 and she graciously gave me the honor
 of using her daughter's picture as inspiration
 for one of little Earth Angel's paintings.
(The winner receives a free 8 x 10 print of the original painting.)

Prior to being offered the privilege to paint Jenny, 
I was experiencing some difficult days.
 I have been going through a spiritual transformation period…
which feels like a death of  old patterns in my life. 
It can be most painful to shed these old patterns.
Sometimes it feels like parts of me are dying 
to make room and space for new things to be born.

If we hold onto out grown patterns it can set up an inner battle between the old and the new.
If this happens it is a good time to break the cycle of pain,
by going within to the stillness so we can reconnect to the Divine love that flows through everyone
 and return to peace and joy in the moment.
Sometimes we may want to take a walk in nature
 or listen to music,
so that we allow our voices to open up to song
 or give our feet the freedom to dance.
We can also found our joy again by spending some time with 
a love one, or perhaps by playing with our pets, who are 
always willing to share their unconditional love.

Nature is always calling us to return to peace and joy.

Although Jenny is no longer with us,
 I could feel her sweet essence right through the photograph.
The sweet innocent and loving energy that I experienced brought much joy to my heart.
I chose to paint Jenny a little bit older than her picture because it felt like her message required a little bit 
of maturity. 
Jenny is surrounded by the blue and green colors
to show the strength and healing that comes
from within ourselves when we 
become still in the moment. 
 In the stillness, we are able to find our strength
 and our voice.

While painting Jenny, I felt like I could almost hear a soft sweet voice saying,
  "let go… life doesn't have to be this hard."

Even in the most painful and chaotic times we can
 always return to the peace that is found within.

Here is a video of the beautiful music I listened to while painting Jenny.

Temple of Silence, by Dueter…

Meet Jenny

Stages of the Painting

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  1. I'm so happy that you choose to do one of your touching paintings of my daughter Jenny. It warms my heart to learn what painting this portrait said to you.
    That part of the process that you go through is indeed magical. Your story and your art has made this painting so meaningful to me. I can never thank you enough.