Friday, March 28, 2014

Lily and Otis, Little Angel of Self-Empowerment

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“Lily “ Little Angel of Self-Empowerment

“Whether you say you can't or you can, you're right.” 

The energy that flowed in while painting Lily 
was like a sweet peaceful breeze.
Inspired by a sweet compassionate little girl,
this painting reminded me to let my gifts
flow out into the world.

When we share our extraordinary gifts with the world
we find the power that has been bestowed within us...
we find our treasures...our light.

Each of us has a very special part to play
on the world stage and the only way to do it
is to share ourselves.

Sometimes people may not understand us,
they may not treat us the way we want to be treated.
But when we let go of that thought
 and we can reconnect to the Divine Love in the stillness,
 the love that unites us all, 
we can remember that we are “All One”,
 we are not “alone”.
In this heart space of Oneness,
 we can send love to everyone whether they love us or not.

Then we can move out of people’s way
and know that we are exactly who we are meant to be.
And the world needs us to share who we
 are just as we are.


“What I Learned"
This painting is very special to me.
Inspired by Lily, a very sweet animal loving compassionate 
young girl.
Through her love for animals she found her inner power
and her sweet gifts.
Lily is showed with her arms wide open around Otis, a King Charles spaniel, that is always by her side,
symbolizing that friends
can be found through animals as well as people.

I think nature is a wonderful way for us to still
the inner noise that may have seeped in
by listening to what others think about us.

I have to daily remind myself to reconnect within still the waters  
so that I can connect to the eternal Divine Love. 
Then I can come back
with a broader since of my own uniqueness
and a deeper connection to All That is
 and All That Unites us.
"One Love"
Sometimes we can connect to Universal Love 
by stepping into nature and listening to
her whispers which call for us to be "still". 
Animals are also great teachers. 
Their unconditional love surrounds us and 
 helps us to opens our hearts.
Sometimes we can reconnect with ourselves
 more deeply by tapping into our creative talents.
Through these talents we can expand
 and in turn connect more profoundly with others.

I painted Lily with a red cowgirl hat…
showing the grounding inner power and strength.
When we think of a "cowgirl", we think of a
 strong and courageous girl.

One of my favorite songs to listen to when I want to 
connect to the feminine strength within is 
by Shania Twain, Juanita.

Lily is shown wearing pink to represent
 her compassionate heart
 and a rainbow necklace to reveal her unique array of gifts
that she is ready to share with the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lily.
I enjoyed dancing with my inner child
while listening to some fun country music.
Here are some great guitar parts by
Keith Urban & John Mayer..

Meet Lily & Otis
(as well as her other dogs)

 I used these pictures to create my composition.
I had to find another spaniel but tried to use Otis's markings and energy.

“Stages of the Painting"

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