Monday, March 17, 2014

Joscelyn & Jolly "Little Angel of Playfulness"

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Joscelyn & Jolly Little Angel of Playfulness 
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play
 than in a year of conversation.” 

This sweet angel is called Joscelyn and she is  shown with her dog Jolly.
Notice she has her bat and Jolly is ready with the ball. 
With a friend…we are one step closer to
 receiving the joy of play.

Joscelyn's message is easy, "BE PLAYFUL & JOLLY"
Through play we are able to let go of life's pressures
 and in turn we open our hearts to feel the joy of life.

While painting Joscelyn and Jolly, I was being reminded
 to have fun along the journey of life. 
Not to take everything so personal
 or see things as difficult or burdensome.

Joscelyn and Jolly remind us of the importance of play,.
 Laughing, playing, dancing and singing all add joy to life. 

Sometimes we think we just don't have a moment 
to stop and play... 
however the truth is when we take a moment to play 
we relax  and let go.
In this relaxed state we are able to allow
 new opportunities and solution to flow in.

All we need to do is shift our perspective
 on what is truly important.
Not only will this help us shift our perspective,
 it will flow out to others. 
Joy is contagious!

So let’s go take a moment to PLAY
it will add smiles to all!!!

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein

What I Learned
When I was inspired to paint Joscelyn and Jolly I was struggling with the balance in my life. 
A very strong wind of change had blown in.

Feeling unprepared and overwhelmed,
 I sat down and allow the tears to flow.
As the tears flowed, a strong current  began to tear down many things in my life that were no longer working.
Although I was experiencing many transformations
as the old paradigms began to die,
 I slowly saw that in their
place new things were popping up.

I also learned that I could take time out and allow 
the lighter side of life to open me up.
All I had to do was put on some music.
With the music flowing, my energy field opened up…
and with it my feet gave way to the dance,
which in turn opened my throat to song.

A newfound playful spirit began flow in and with it 
a whole new way of seeing things.

I learned that even when we are in the heaviest
 moments of our life
We can always take a moment to play and let the lighter side
teach us to let go and enjoy life!

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Stages of the Painting.


  1. Charlotte the painting turned out very cute. Artists often use adversity and pour their emotions into artwork. Hope things are looking better for you. Please come and visit me on my blog too

    1. Thank you Enzie…for the sweet note. I will check it out!