Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Child Within

"The Child Within"

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My Inner Child's Prayer
"May I keep my heart open with gratitude
and my curiosity alive.

And may I allow my dreams the freedom...
to sprout their wings."

Always keep your inner child close to your heart 
and you will see the miraculous in everything.

This painting is very special and dear to me.
She represents the little angel that lives in
each of our hearts.
 I call her the “child within”.
Through the innocent eyes of the child
 we are able to see beauty all around.
We know that we are creating our world
 and we allow our curiosity to keep us in wonder.

The child reminds us to live in the moment
 where everything is born. 
When we live in each breath we are grateful,
 loving and appreciative for all that we have,
 for we know 
that everything we need is always available.

Fear cannot live in the moment....it needs the
projections of the past or future. 

Breathe in and know the beauty of life.

Adults are obsolete children.  
~Dr. Seuss
What I Learned
While walking through this painting experience 
I was able to go deeply into my inner child.
She taught me many things. 
Some of them I forgot…maybe I was not ready 
to open those doors.
But some of the things stuck…
and they continue to teach me 
and wake me up when I fall back asleep.
Here are a few of them:

"Living in the moment is really
well…it is just living.
For in the moment… 
everything lives."

"The Now moment includes all of the past shadows
 and all of the future possibilities.
Nothing is truly separate."

When we wake up and remember ….
that all we have is NOW...
we are able to breathe life in...
We are able to create our dreams.

"Keep your inner child close to your heart
for she holds the key to your innocent 
and your creative expression."

"Your inner child quietly waits your embrace…
and she is always ready to dance
with the song of life."

"You never have to grow old….
for old is just a state of mind.
A youthful heart….is an open heart…
which is always ready to expand."

"Embrace your curiosity…
it is your inner child's sense of wonder…
it is where miracles are born."

"Dance to the music of the heart…
let your feet show you the way to your smile."

"Sunshine reflects on the unseen wonders of the moon.
Both the seen and unseen work together
to create all that is….
as above so below."

"Let go….
there is nothing to fear!"

"Still the mind and open the heart…
then together they can flow to the rhythm of life."

Rock your inner child 
and let her know you are always there.
She is the shining jewel in your cradle of life.

The whole world lives 
inside your own heart."

We are all coming home…
so allow everyone to "be" who they are…
and they will let you "be" who you are
without judgment.

Remember who you are…
The One in the All
The All in the One.

One Love!!

Stages of the Painting

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