Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fayanna, Little Angel of Trust

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"Fayanna",          Little Angel Of 
                                  Strength and Courage
Trust is allowing the mind to be still...
 so the heart can point the way.”

Fayanna is a little French Earth Angel symbolizing
 Divine trust, the foundation for all love.
She whispers through a sweet delicate 
yet also very powerful and determined voice.

"Trust in the Divine Power of Love
where everything is born."

“As we learn to trust the innocent
 yet deep-seated essence of our soul 
we behold the genuine fragrance of the flower of life.

Know that trust is the doorway to our faith,
 without entering into faith we cannot wholeheartedly know 
or love ourselves much less another. “

What I Learned
 Fayanna was such a joy to paint.
She reminded me of my time in Paris with my family.
To me Paris was exactly the way I envisioned it.
My journey to Paris began as a dream vision.
My husband and I were going to be celebrating
our 30th anniversary.
We wanted to travel to Europe.
When my girls found out they asked if they 
could join us. 
Well actually they said,
"hey, don't think you are going to Europe without us!"

I knew it was going to take an enormous amount
of faith and trust to allow this trip to 
be born.
Not just because of the expense of the trip
 but also because of my own inner doubt
 when asking for any of my
dreams to be born into the light of day.

 I will say it took a lot of meditating 
and letting go
 to allow this dream
to spread its wings and fly.

Stages of the Painting

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