Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Angel of Friendship

Thomas And Bentley
Angel of Friendship


This painting is very special to me and many ways. First I must start off saying that this is the first boy angel that ever I painted. My good friend Thomas had been urging me to paint males for sometime and so were my daughters. I had always felt lead to paint females until one day during meditation I got in touch with my masculine energies and I knew it was time to use that energy on a painting.

 During this time, I had been going through some emotional cleansing and healing. I wanted to bring out more of my masculine side. As I felt this energy flowing up through my body I decided to capture this gentle innocent energy and channel it into a painting of a little boy and his dog. I have never really been attracted to pugs until one day when I started noticing them everywhere. I saw a couple at the dog park and noticed how sweet and gentle they were with people. They were simply adorable!

One day when I was talking with my friend Thomas, I remembered that he had a pug and I asked if I could paint his dog. I also asked if he had a picture of himself when he was little. He sent several pictures to me and I was thrilled!!!  Sweet and adorable, they were the perfect models!

This whole process was so enjoyable and uplifting. I was able to blend the energy of my good friend with the masculine energy I found within myself and channel it into this sweet painting.  There is a sweet quality to the eyes and I am happy about this for I think the eyes say it. 

Not only do I have this wonderful reminder of my friend and his sweet dog, I also have wonderful memories of this healing period in my life. 

I salute all the wonderful spiritual friendships who bless us on our path in life...what a treasure and gift they are to the world!

Thank you T!!

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