Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentina "Little "Angel of Perseverance and Prosperity"

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When the little voice says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." 

Valentina "Little Angel Of Perseverance & Prosperity"
Valentina represents the energy of 
Perseverance & Prosperity.
She is seen with the goat to symbolize
 the mountain climber.
When we stay grounded in each moment
 and focus on one step at a time,
before we know it we will have reached
 the summit of our goals 
with ease and grace. 
Then we will experience prosperity
 blossoming in our hearts.

“Your heart is the ruler 
to measure your Prosperity.”
What I learned
 Valentina was created on Valentine's Day.
Although my heart was filled with gratitude and love
I was struggling a bit the busyness 
of my life.
I felt a huge wave flowing in 
and with it many, many changes.
Instead of allowing the wave to 
move me along I caught up in 
 the pressure and anxiety 
that comes when we move out of the present moment.
When I remembered to focus on one task at a time
I felt myself begin to relax.
As I melted into the present I heard
my 'little child within' say, 
 "just open your heart
it really isn't all that hard."
Let the snow gently fall around you
all will be revealed in good time."

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