Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eliana & Snow“ Little Angel of Answered Prayers

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“Eliana“Little Angel of Answered Prayers

In the stillness all distractions can 
be silenced and answers can be heard.”

Eliana’s name means “God has answered”

No matter what is going on in our lives,
even in the most difficult circumstances 
when we feel like we have lost our way,
we can always take a brief moment 
and ask for gentle guidance and help.
When we stop and breathe in the
silence of the present moment 
we will be able to hear the answers loud and clearly, 
for every moment is a new beginning…
a chance to stop the path that we 
are own and choose a new one.
With this new awareness
we will be able to see many more
opportunities than we could have seen before.

“Sometimes the answer to our prayer is right inside.”
Be still and listen.

What I learned from Eliana
This sweet angel and bunny painting was such a gift to me. She was born as an answered prayer. 
During a difficult snowstorm,
I was praying for the safe return of 
my son-in-law.
As I was praying for gentle guidance,
 I decided to sketch Eliana so that I could 
stay focused and present.
Her gentle soft energy, calmed me down and reminded
me that all we have to do is 
stop right where we are and pray for
but we must be still to hear.

Stages of the Painting

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