Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vivian, "Lady of the Lake"

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Vivian, Lady of the Lake

Her soul is Alive. And we are drawn to her.” 

The mystery of a women is one of the most beautiful 
things in the world. 
We don’t have to solve the mystery 
to appreciate her beauty.

“Women are made to be loved ...
not understood.” 

                 ~Oscar Wilde
What I Learned
I think beauty is a state of mind.
We can all project it when 
we are feeling beautiful.
As we grow older,
we learned to go within to find
 our glamour,
the eternal beauty within.

I think part of our glamour and beauty
lies within the mysterious nature of
being a woman.
Just like a lake shines in the
  sun and moon light
with all of its glistening beauty….
it also hides the mystery of many things 
within its depths.

You can never quite figure out what a woman
is thinking
because we are always changing.

As the saying goes….
we reserved our right to change our minds.
We aren't really fickle,
we just keep expanding and opening up to better ways to see and do things.

So don't try to figure us out
just love us
and we will return all the love you need.

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  1. elegant and beautiful, I just can't help staring at her. Her colors radiate and her story about how women are is spot on. It completely helped me to re-embrace my feminine power and beauty outside and in!