Tuesday, May 6, 2014


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“Dreams unwind
Love’s a state of mind.”

                              ~Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon

Rhiannon is known as a
 Welsh Lunar Goddess.
Her name means Divine or Great Queen.
 She radiants a luminous light of grace, truth and integrity.

Rhiannon is strongly associated
 with Equines.
She rides her magnificent 
white horse bringing the energy of
 free spirit and balanced power.

Rhiannon is free to ride like the wind
for she transcends the illusion of separateness and limitation.
She illuminates the bridge between the physical seen world
and the unseen spiritual world.

This luminous lovely lady acts like a Muse,
projecting the illuminating energy
 of inspiration to 
writers, poets, musicians and artists.

Dare to Dream...
This is the original painting.
The frame is made of grout and tiles.

”What I Learned"

This was one of the first paintings 
that I ever painted which was about 5 years ago.
When I painted the horse
the painting took on mind of its own.
I noticed that a female had appeared on the canvas.
When I started painting her in,
 her eyes appeared wild.
I tried to tone them down
but nothing seemed to work.
The energy was so intense so I decided to let her be
the way she wanted to be.

Right at that moment,
 I realized that she reminded me of the song Rhiannon by 
Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.
At the time I did not do any research
 on the song.
 I never really knew the story 
behind the song until recently.

A dear high school friend of mine
was having a birthday and
her children asked to purchase
a print of my art.
I immediately thought of Rhiannon 
because she loves horses and she
loves Fleetwood Mac.
(Her children took her to see
them recently and I have to admit I was a bit jealous.)
This lead me to sit down to write the story behind the painting. 

When I researched the song I found
out that it is about a Welsh Goddess
who is associated with white horses.
She is said to be related to the 
Irish Horse Goddess Epona.
(Click here to see my print of Epona.)
Wow…I was so surprised.
I noticed that the painting looked just like the description of Rhiannon. 

I got chills to say the least.
 I will say that each of my paintings 
teach me things about myself or lessons
I need to learn. 
They are all like a personal journey with my spirit.
When I painted Rhiannon I was
getting in touch with my 
inner feminine power and strength.
Now I am returning much stronger
but still expanding out of my shell...
so that I can share more of myself and my love with the world around me.

I hope you have some great stories
 to share. 
The world loves a good story.
There is so much beauty all around 
and wonderful stories waiting to be told.

Dreams unwind…
Love is a state of mind.

(Update…I just posted this last night
and first thing this morning I heard…
Someone purchased
this print from my shop…
right after listening to this 
youtube song by Pink and John Legend…
"Don't give up"
Click Here to listen to it.
More chills…...

”Stages of the Painting"

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  1. I have always adored this song and to read your story of how the painting came about brought out a whole new meaning of the song for me. It shows that when you are creating your art you are absolutely channeling from a higher power and state of mind because look at how your painting represents the meaning without you even knowing it. Chills abound after reading this post. You are art is something more than just the beautiful expressions of your heart. They are symbols and lessons.