Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion
 demands speaking out the whole truth
 and acting accordingly.” 
~Mahama Gandhi 

Sapphire was named after 
the heavenly blue jewel.
Seeped in history and known
to many religions,
this stone has long been considered
 to be the gem
of royalty and spiritual insights. 

Sapphire, much like the stone,
 represents the pure blue ray of order
 and healing of the mind
 and throat. 
With her one eye piercingly
 focused outward, 
she is able to see with precision
 what lies beneath the surface appearances.

 When we can see with clarity
 then we can have a 
deeper understanding of people
 and things around us. 
This allows us to make better
decisions and it increases our intuition.

 Sapphire’s energy focuses on stimulating

and opening the throat and third eye.

What would you do if you
had the courage to speak your truth
and be your authentic self?

What I Learned
This was one of the first paintings
I ever did,
 which was less than 5 years ago.
I had taken one year of a local community
drawing class where I learned 
how to draw faces. 
From there I decided to teach
myself to paint.

Sapphire came out very quickly,
It was as if I was channeling her
 from my higher self.
Her message came out loud and clear, 
"open up your throat and
speak your truth.
It is your gift to yourself and to the world."
At the time I was trying to find my 
own voice.
I had been on an inward journey to find
the parts of myself I had lost along the way.
Being a people pleaser I had lost
my own voice and with it my own power
and dreams.
So Sapphire was a very special 
gift to myself.

One of my very good friends just
fell in love with Sapphire and so 
I gave her to him. 
She inspired him to write a book.
I guess you can say she helped
him open his throat too.
Stages of the Painting

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