Thursday, May 8, 2014

Priscilla, Balancing Angel of Love

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"Priscilla" The Balancing Angel of Love

“When the moon shines as bright as the sun
the dawn of a new era of love is born.”

Priscilla is the balancing angel of love.
She shines a light on the scales of love 
as it rocks back and forth between
 the give and take
of the feminine and the masculine world.

As this harmonious rhythmic dance between 
the masculine forces of reason and
 the feminine energies of intuition come together
the sacred child of the mysterious trinity is born,
and with it a balance of blessed love in the world.

What I Learned
When we live in the world of dualism 
we see things as this or that…up or down, etc
because we see through two eyes. 
This creates polarity of good or bad,
male or female.
We forget that we need 
both the yin and the yang to live in balance
within ourselves.
In fact, one cannot exist without the other.
Of course when we are out of balance
one pole may be more valued
 or seen as better than the other.
But with this belief comes a price
and we cannot live this way forever.
Our internal and external world 
begins to suffer the affects
of living out of balance.

Both the masculine and feminine energies

 are now emerging into Oneness.

There is no need to have a battle
 between the sexes…
for we are not only on the same team
we are each other's reflection.

As we begin to see our world
through our third eye,
our spiritual eye of Oneness, 
we remember that everything
 is within each one of us. 

We are not separate.

"When balance is achieved
love blossoms outward from 
within the tiny bud…. 
into a full blooming flower. "

Stages of the Painting

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