Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Selina, Little Angel of the Moon

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Selina, "Little Angel of the Intuition
                  & Unseen World"

“The moon in her chariot of pearl” 

Selina like the moon,
 moves as if she is a graceful cat creeping
 in the darkness of night..
one moment she is seen,
and the next she is not.

In the ebbing and flowing of life’s cycles,
 we come to know not only what is made visible and certain
 but we also learn to believe in the infinite
 and what lies beyond our sight.

Sometimes what we fear is just shadows of our 
past or things we think we are not yet
  fully ready to walk through in the future.

But if we 'still the waters of the mind and
the storm of chaotic chattering' 
we are able to return to the calm of the 
where all possibilities exist.

Through our faith we are guided to trust
 in the Divine Higher Power.
Then we can take up our shield of courage
and listen to our intuition which lies
beyond reasoning.

"We don't have to be worried to walk through the
 shadows of our past, 
for they hold the secrets of the light which is yet to be cast."
What I learned
 As the energy of this painting flowed onto 
my canvas…
it brought many things for me to grasp and to let go.
One of the things I got from this experience
is that the unseen world holds infinite
Our past experiences and our future possibilities are all …
a part of who we are Now.

For the past is really only our perceptions of events.
We remember things differently at different times 
in our life. 
So the past is really as pliable as the future. 
It is not fixed.
 As we change our perceptions
of the past …it changes
 and then so does our present choices 
and our future possibilities.
Everything is truly happening NOW!

Forever is composed of nows. ~Emily Dickinson

Stages of the Painting


  1. Very beautiful painting and words about the painting! I totally resonate with the truth that healing the past can change the now for sure!!! Much love and light!

  2. Thank you so much Donna. Your support means so much!