Sunday, April 27, 2014

LIly Isabella, Little Angel of the Balance of Giving and Receiving"

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“Lily Isabella”    Little Angel of Balance
                                          Between Giving & Receiving

“Giving and Receiving flow together...
So the more love we give, the more we can receive.
As we open our hearts we allow the energy to flow in and out
Creating a balanced world of Unity.”

Lily Isabella was inspired by a sweet loving child
I came to know through pictures her mom sent to me.
I instantly saw her with a squirrel and knew that 
she was reaching out to teach me the balance
of giving and receiving. 
Notice her wings are in the shape of a heart 
and her hands are open for the love she is 
giving and receiving.
You cannot have one without the other.
Both are acts of love. 
We feel love when we receive but we also feel 
that same love when we give.
I think children and animals teach us this very well.
When we return to the stillness where our
 Child Within lives, our true essence of love,
 we expand our hearts and remember our Oneness,
where the ebb and flow of giving and receiving endlessly flows.

For what we sow we shall surely reap.

“It isn’t the gift that is is the act of sharing love.
Both the giver and the receiver feel this same 
loving energy move through them. ”

What I Learned
 I met Lily Isabella through pictures.
Her sweet mom was one of my customers and
she entered Lily Isabella's picture in my 
Kid's Photograph Modeling Contest.
I just fell in love with her.
The sweet energy I felt came flowing out of her pictures.
I knew instantly that I wanted to paint a squirrel
with her. 
Although Lily Isabella loves all animals,
 I later found out that squirrels are among
her favorite. She calls them kitties. 
As I arranged the sketch for my painting
the energy of Lily Isabella came flowing in.
I recognized the energy through some lessons
I was learning in my life on a deeper level.
I have always enjoyed giving more than receiving.
But as I allowed the lesson to flow in more fully
I quickly realized that both come from
 the same source.
 In fact, we cannot have one without the other.
Although it is true many of us enjoy giving more than
receiving, if we do not allow ourselves to receive we are cutting off the Divine Process. 
We are preventing someone else's joy of giving.
Also when we do not allow ourselves to receive 
we are cutting off our own hearts. 
We are stopping the flow, making it harder
to give from a deep open heart connection.
When we give from our hearts we give
without strings attached. 
Then the giving is also receiving
for we feel the ebb and flow of love
between each heart.

I remember an old childhood rhyme…
"To receive a gift is truly a pleasure 
But isn't the giver receiving the treasure."

I actually think both are receiving the same treasure.
For it isn't the gift that is cherished and treasured
it is the love that is shared between the hearts.

So when we give …
we are really giving to ourselves.
For we truly are All One.


  1. Beautifully said and channeled . You got it right on Thank you Charlotte you have an amazing heart and soul your wonderful thank you again -Michelle

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! It was such a joy to paint sweet Lily Isabella. She is a precious loving soul.
    What a joy you are having to be her mother. My girls are all grown up but I keep their inner child alive in my heart.
    They do too. It keeps their innocent, curiosity and imagination alive. That makes life such a wonderful adventure
    to explore. For as the childhood song goes. Row row row your boat ..gently down the stream…Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Hugs to both of you.
    Sending love to your family.