Sunday, February 2, 2014

“Darra” Little Angel Of Feminine Wisdom and Understanding

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“Darra” Little Angel Of
                             Feminine Wisdom and Understanding

Darra is a Hebrew name meaning wisdom.

Darra is featured with an elephant
and together they symbolize the true nature of 
understanding others and developing the wisdom needed to 
maintain a deep connections with them

Elephants have long been admired for their majestic and regal qualities. 
These highly intelligent creatures are very
 sensitive and compassionate. 
Despite the fact that they are the largest land mammal, 
elephants are able to move with grace and elegance. 
Ruled by the matriarch, elephants represent the 
powerful feminine qualities to lead the community. 
They teach family values, commitment and 
communication. They are very loyal, patient and they 
value the wisdom of the elderly as well as the 
cleverness of their young. 

Darra and the elephant remind us to trust our instincts. 
If you feel in your gut 
that something is right for you, then go for it. 
Listen to the wisdom and strength that comes from the 
silence within and know that you can move with 
confidence and grace.

Remember your strength comes from within, not what appears on the outside.  

What I learned from Darra
When I was painting Darra, I was moving through 
some ancestral patterns that no longer
served my family.
It is difficult to let go of these old patterns
because we are so connected to our families
and we don't want to rock the boat, 
even when it is in the best interest for all.

Sometimes we have to separate a bit 
from people, or a situation or belief system 
in order to allow a new way of seeing things 
to emerge.
The old way of living may be too vested in seeing 
the world as painful and fearful.
When our spirit is ready to expand out of this
old energy paradigm we may be called
 to take some alone time 
for ourselves so that this old pattern can die.
When we are able to move with love we will know
that this temporary separation is for the ultimate 
good for all.
It takes enormous courage to become spiritual warrior
and to move through the old patterns to make
way for the new. 
But we can always receive help and guidance
when we ask for it.
Angels are always listening and ready to help.
All we have to do is be still and listen.

Stages of the Painting


  1. Beautiful work Charlotte! Thanks for sharing your progress photos :)

    1. Thank you so much Shelia. I appreciate the support!

  2. Charlotte the painting turned out lovely. Love the elephant in particular!