Friday, January 31, 2014

My First Slide Show & the First Thing I ever wrote…Wings Of Love

 See My First Movie With IMovie

The video features my Little Earth Angel Series.
I have a long way to go in making slide shows. Ha!
But this was fun!

Click Here to Watch the video.

The Story Behind The Song

"Wings Of Love"

I have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I could remember 
 but I was always too afraid to begin. 
Sixteen years ago, when I was hosting 
a group of friends who are writers at my house,
 I asked them how they got their inspiration.
My dear friend Donna told me that
all I had to do was meditate and write
whatever came to my mind. 
She said don't think about what you write, just write.
She also told me to get a journal and keep writing 
on a regular basis and before I knew it I would find my voice.
She encouraged me and let me know
 that anyone can write. 
All we have to do is allow ourselves
the space to do it.

So I tried it and the very first thing I wrote

was this sweet song.
 I didn't even know that it was a song 
until Donna said, 
"look it has a refrain. 
It's a song."

My dear sweet and talented husband

and his longtime friend and song writer, Kenny Talley set my words into a song.
I received the best surprise that Christmas.
Which truly was a lovely blessing
for I was going through a very painful
experience of self-worth and doubt.
I am very grateful the angels came and 
spoke to me. 
This song flowed on the wings of 
love and light.

For Inspiration Check Out This Page
I think this is a wonderful place to add my dear Friend Sherri Lane's fb page.
For anyone looking for encouragement 
and inspiration I think you will be quite happy 
to go to her link. 
Her words are spoken on the wings of angels.

She also has a radio show.

And she has written a wonderful book called,
Setting God Free.

Credits for the song
My husband played the drums and recorded the CD
and Kenny played the keyboard.
The saxophone player, Jeff Lopez, who toured with 
Taylor Hicks was also gracious to add his magic.

With the help of my ones I found my voice

and it could sing!

The Words to the Song

"Wings of Love"
Angels come to protect and guide
To spread Love, God's love deep and wide
To teach us how to look within
And find our truth how to begin.


Open up your heart to love
Spread your wings like a white winged dove
So you can soar into God's light
Each day and every night.

There's only love to know

Everything else it's just a shadow
Love helps us to see God's light
And know that everything's all right.


Open up your heart to love
Spread your wings like a white winged dove
So you can soar into God's light
Each day and every night.

We're a shining example of the light of love

The same light is here as is above
Above and below and here and there
It's all the same and it's everywhere.

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