Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sinopa, Little Angel & the "Little Fox"

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Sinopa, Little Angel & the "little fox" 

Sinopa symbolizes increased awareness and 
ability to see through deception. She can easily
and swiftly discern tricky situations.
She can also focus attention on the 
nocturnal activities (which 
includes dream work) and the unseen

"…nothing covered up that will not be revealed; 
and hidden that will not be known"
Luke 12:2

What SinopaTaught Me

When I was painting Sinopa,
 I was going through a deep period
of introspection.  
I was cutting through some shadows
 to find the truth and the light.
Trusting more in my own intuition,
I began to see things that were hidden
from my sight. 
I think true healing begins when we are 
ready to face what we have hidden from ourselves.
 I was ready to let the light shine
on shadows that were not real.
I will say I had to shake through some fear,
 but as I did I found my inner child waiting and 
with her I found the
courage to walk through the shadows of my fear.

With tears flowing, I rocked my inner child
releasing these shadows of fear. 
While the old patterns began to melt away 
I could feel a breath of fresh air blow in
 and with it a deeper connection and strength 
within myself.

"Believing in the unseen world,
allows the 'impossible' to become

 "I'm Possible"

Stages of the Painting

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  1. Very beautiful painting! We need need help to see what we've hidden from ourselves, the energy of this painting can help us connect to our inner child and heal the fear within thank you for your work!