Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful Flower

1Ayana” (Beautiful Flower)

Ohhhhh are such a gift to me. What you came to share is
better than a handful of flowers on a rainy day. 
When I was having one of those days where the tears kept flowing and flowing and they never seemed to stop. Not so much about anything in particular. They were mainly tears of realizing I had been so pulled in many directions that I left my inner child alone. So I stopped and entered my lovely safe place, my studio and I just let the tears flow as I rocked myself and said, “Little one, I am Here. I am Here.” As I rocked along I actually heard the sound of my voice turn into a whisper....”I AM here....I AM here”. In that moment I realized that the “I AM” is my connection to the Divine and it is always with me even when I forget. So I just let the tears flow and flow. Then this sweet angel appeared on my canvas. I understood. She looked just like a buttercup in the sunlight. 
“Tears water the flowers of our dreams to come. So let the tears flow like raindrops on a flower and the sun will rise again.”

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “The earth laughs in flowers.” 

Here are the stages the painting went through.
Notice how old and wise she looked in the sketch stage.
The old and the young coming together. 

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  1. what a great portrait and love that yellow background- makes the portrait pop