Monday, December 2, 2013

Earth Angel Lapis Lazuli Painting.

Lapis Lazuli, Earth Angel From Egypt Click on Picture to purchase in my shop.
Lapis Lazuli Earth Angel of Egypt

Lapis Lazuli is a part of a series I call 
“Earth Angels From Cultures Around the World.”

Her name is from an ancient blue and gold stone
 found in Egypt, which is known to symbolize
 harmony in relationships.
It is said to help its wearer bring out the authentic self.

The ancient Egyptians believed it energizes the throat
and enhances psychic abilities.
I found it interesting because this painting took over a year 
to come through and when it did I was working
on many lessons that helped me to receive 
deep healing in my self-awareness and in speaking my truth.

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion
 demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” 

Although all of my paintings have brought many gifts and lessons this one came with deep healing and awareness. My canvas sat waiting for almost a year before the energy came through and when it did she came in an entirely different direction than I had art often does. But it was Divinely orchestrated for the timing could not have been more perfect and the growth more needed. It was powerful!
At first, I thought that Lapis would be in rust tones to match the sand and pyramids. However, things changed directions when  I saw the beautiful rich indigo paint I had been wiping on my canvas from left over paint from other projects.  I stood back and realized that I should go with this color scheme. Then I realized the colors reminded me of the stone, Lapis Lazuli, deep rich blue and gold. I ran and got my Lapis Lazuli necklace that I bought in Sedona, Arizona…and sure enough it looked just like the painting. I also looked up the meaning again and it was a perfect match to what I had been experiencing while painting her.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful gemstone, both in spirituality and in cultural traditions. It means "create gold" and it tends to be found in the same vein as gold.. Lapis has been called  "the Philosopher's Stone".  It is supposed to bring self awareness, enlightenment, and to open the mind to all astral possibilities.  
Lapis is very well known for its purifying and healing abilities. It is also great when needing the chakras opened up and cleansed. The ancient Egyptians used to bury their dead with a scarab made from Lazuli, as they thought it would protect them and guide them in the afterlife. 
The year leading to me to this painting and the period time while I was painting Lapis was a huge spiritual healing journey. My third eye was opening up more and I began seeing things from a higher perspective. 
So this painting is very special and very intimate to me.

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