Monday, September 9, 2013

Opening the Door to My Creative Voice

"Finding Self"
The Road Lies Within

Being a storyteller by nature and intuitive feeler of the heart, I think the best way to describe my art is to share the intimate spiritual journey that unlocked my higher heart and freed my creative voice. But before I go any further I must say that I am not a trained or professional artist. I have no degrees or expertise in the craft of making art.   My art is a part of an ongoing spiritual and personal exploration.

After years of self-reflection and going within to surrender and be at peace with the shadows of my past I was finally able to break free, much like a butterfly shedding her cocoon. What I found at the core was a small innocent child who held the key to my creativity and to the parts of myself that lie beyond the roles I put on in my everyday life.  My inner child held my sense of wonder, my joyous curiosity and my spontaneous sense of play.  Through the lighthearted communion with the inner child spirit, where my creative inspiration flows, to my physical adult self, where my art is born I am able to dance through my life with a newfound sense of wonder.  Through this free-flowing back and forth dialogue I am able to see the world through much different eyes, the eyes of a child. To children the sense of play is a natural state of expression. I believe that play is the foundation for creativity.  Two of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso’s  are: “It takes a very long time to become young.“ and “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  

I think it is easy to see that my art has a  feminine childlike quality and essence. Although I believe my art has a soft gentle touch, it is also my hope that a strong reflective quality shines through. This introspective energy comes from my regular meditations where I go within to the stillness and reconnect with my inner child. I come back with a refresh  fascination with the simple beauty of things that are right in front of my nose and that which lives in the unseen wonders of the Divine. I am learning the importance of spending time nurturing this communion on a daily basis.

On the wings of love, I hope my art touches that sweet small voice within the stillness. I want to encourage others to find their creative inspiration that flows freely and effortlessly in the form of play. I like to think my art is best known as, “The Art With a Heart”.


  1. Yes, I agree with all you said and "The Art with a Heart" makes total sense.

  2. You are precious, Enzie!!! Thank you do much for commenting!! I so value you and your art!!!!