Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Avery & Atley, Angels of Brotherly Love

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“Avery &  Atley” Little Angels of Brotherly Love

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”
~Marc Brown, children’s author

Being a brother means
 the sharing of hearts.
When we are connected to our higher heart and our “higher self”(click for definition).
we create a bridge from the Heavens
 to the Earth.
As we begin living in this space
 we become Earth Angels, 
spreading unconditional love.

This is why we are so connected to babies and children.
They have not lost their connection
 to the Oneness.
They know we truly are "All One"
we are never "al-one".
They teach us to remember
our angelic nature.

“As Above....So Below.

From this heart connection
 we are all brothers
living in different mansions
 but under the same roof.

When we help each other 
we help ourselves.

Help your brother’s boat across,
and your own will reach the shore.
~Hindu Proverb

“What I Learned"
I thoroughly enjoyed my time 
with Avery and Atley.
These two brothers share a very 
similar energy of love.
Their kind-hearted spirit flows right through the photographs.
During this process, I was going
through a transforming connection
within my own heart.
I will say that tapping into 
Avery and Atley's energy allowed 
me to step more  
deeply, gently and fully into my 
own connection within.

The theme seemed to be 
balancing the scales of love.
When you look at the painting,
you will notice that together
 the two brothers 
form a heart in the clouds.
A heart is symmetrical,
so each half balances the other.

You will also see a small heart
 on each of the boys shirts 
and many other hearts in the clouds.
Some I painted intentionally so they 
are more obvious yet others were 
already present so they are more subtle.
The hearts symbolize
the boys loving nature flowing outward
into Oneness.

During this process, I was able to dive
 more deeply into into my emotions and
release outgrown patterns in my heart.

These experiences
reminded me once again 
that what is good for one
 is good for all, 
because we can't truly be 
when the other person is not.

I believe we are all beginning to open
up to this more deeply 
than we ever have in the past.
We are beginning to realize
that this world is our home and everyone
in it is our brother and our sister.
We cannot exist without each other.
Knowing this on a soul level
frees us and allows us to begin
our healing process on this Earth.
We "re-member"

The One in the All
The All in the One.

He ain’t heavy, he's my brother.
- Neil Diamond 
Photographs of 
Avery & Atley

Avery and AtleyStages of the Painting 

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  1. So precious ! These two little boys are truly examples of earthangels. You can tell their love and devotion for each other. I love this painting!