Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brianna, Little Angel of Strength & Courage

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“Brianna”  Little Angel of Strength and Courage
"Fear and courage are brothers." ~ Proverbs

Brianna is featured with a horse
 to symbolize our personal 
journey towards strength, courage and freedom.
Although horses have long been domesticated by man
 they still maintain their own inner strength and drive.
Powerful one moment yet gentle the next, 
horses seem to ride the wind of change
 with grace and confidence.

The deeper story that Brianna has to share.

At times we may feel weak, fearful,
discouraged or confused with our lives.
We may feel as if we have lost our power.
It is during these times that we need to quiet the 
endless chattering and projections of the mind so
that we can find our center, the heart.
Without the balance between the mind, heart and spirit
we are thrown into the drama wheel of projections.

The silenced heart, awaits for our return
so that once again we can feel life more deeply.
When we are ready, we step into our 
courage and our fear.
For courage is not facing life without fear.
Courage is knowing when and how to
face our fear so that we move into action.
Working together, courage and fear 
 move us to higher ground.

We don't want to push, pull or run
from our fear, for it is merely parts of ourselves
that we separated from or denied.
We want to allow it to move through us
so that we can unite the shattered 
parts and return to our wholeness.

We may need to shake through our fear
as it moves through us and
 we may need to allow the cleansing tears to flow.
Sometimes we may need to get to bended knee
and ask for help and guidance.
But as we allow our warrior side to move in
we will remember we are not alone.
We are always connected to the Divine.

We will once again wake up and know who we truly are,
we will remember to...
"Just…. Be Still."

While we are present in the moment,
we can let go of the fight or flight compulsions.
In this sacred space, we will know
 everything is happening
 in the Divine Flow.

"May we ride the changes of life with the confidence and courage
 that is always present within."

“What I Learned” 

I have always been drawn to the power yet gentle grace of horses.
I think all girls have a deep connection to their beauty and strength.
Maybe it is our way to connect to the inner feminine beauty and strength
while still maintaining our grace and gentle qualities.

While painting Brianna, I was guided
 to find my own inner strength and courage.
I have spent so much of my life giving my power
 away to others or running from my fears.
I tried to make everyone around me happy and 
it was often at the expense of losing myself.
I wanted to control my environment
so I could feel at ease.
It took a very long time to realize 
that I was not controlling anything.
I was casting a web of an inauthentic life.
I was not being myself. 
I allowed my fear to control me which
left me weak and scared.

During my inner journey, I was guided to go deeper within to learn more about myself.
I was also lead to feel my fear and allow it to flow through me.
By having the courage to do this I am able to
take my power back
that I gave to others and I am able to give back the 
power others have given to me. 
This enables me to reconnect 
with parts of myself I lost along the way.
It also allows me to find my creative voice and
 my own talents,
 so that I may share these gifts 
with the world.

Through this daily process I am learning
that the greatest thing I can do for others
is to allow everyone to experience their 
own path without me trying to control or force 
things to be a certain way.
I am also learning that when I focus on my own journey
I am able to see that we are all walking our own paths. 
We can be compassionate with each other and we can offer assistance when others
ask for our help.
But we don't need to judge things as being good or bad.
We don't need to "fix" others.

 "Everyone has the right to experience their 
own Life as they choose. 
And everyone has their 
own connection to 'All That IS'"

Stages of the Painting

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  1. Wow beautifully said!!! I love this painting and the meaning and and learning behind it . Thanks for sharing your experience, strength, and hope!!