Monday, December 2, 2013

Fiona, Earth Angel of Ireland

Fiona Earth Angel of Ireland
Fiona is a part of a series I call 
“Earth Angels From Cultures Around the World.”

She carries the deep connection
 of roots to Mother Earth.
Fiona reflects the knowledge that we carry our past into our present as we set 
our eyes on the future.
 We are all a part of our ancestors 
and they are a part of us.
They are our past and we are their future.

Quantum physics tells us that time
 is not lineal
but rather “all time” is happening now.
We don’t have to go back to our future in a time machine we can go there
 in the silence of the Now.
So as we change our perceptions
 of the past 
everything in our present
 and our future possibilities

change as well.

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