Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Abeni & Adesina Earth Angels of Africa

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Abeni & Adesina Angels of Africa

Abeni & Adesina are a part of a series I call 
“Earth Angels from Cultures Around the World.”  

Abeni's name means, "We asked for her, and we got her!” 
She represents our willingness to call
 on our spirit to help us wake up and send love and prayers to Africa, 
our home to so many species.
We have not been taking care of 
of this part of our world. 
Species are dying everyday.
Africa  has been called "the lungs" 
of the Mother Earth.
Without her our planet will lose 
our ability to breathe.
We must wake up!

Adesina's name means,
"She opens the way".
 She represents our highest desire
 to open the door to love, 
compassion, unity and healing.
 As we call forth our soul 
to awaken us, we remember 
that we are all Divinely connected
and we are all responsible
 for our world.
We breathe in life and celebrate
our journey on Earth.
Each of us has a very special 
and unique gift to share. 
So let’s shine our light!
All problems can be solve when 
we work together as ONE.

The world needs us
listen to her calling.

Stages of the painting.

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