Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Manifestation Meditation Card

Manifesting From Our Soul

 "Sprouting Seeds into Blossoms
Uniting Us Back into the Tree Of Life."

Although the usage of our words may be different,
Our language is the same...LOVE!

Manifestation Being clear and strong about our intentions and what we really want to manifest in our life can be a powerful tool to bring our desires into the physical form, however we don't always know what is best in any given moment. Sometimes all we need to do is let go and ask for the highest good or the Divine Will. If we listen to our body, mind and spirit as we go within to the stillness we begin to realize that everything we need in any one moment is already a part of us. Our inability to remember this is caused by our belief in scarcity and lack. When we remove the barriers of doubt we remember who we really are and then we see everything working together for our good. 

       Color: Colors of the Rainbow   
Sense: ALL Senses     Chakras: All Chakras
    Astrological Sign: All Signs (Taurus Best for Material)
Stone: Fulgurite/Imperial Gold Quartz

"Everything is You...the entire world...the entire universe." Nothing is separate. It is just a veil of illusion which seemingly creates separation making us temporary forget. At our deepest core we all know this, for everything is energy and everything is connected through this energy field.Quantum physicists are finally catching up to what mystics and yogis have known for thousands of years. Everything is a thread of energy woven together to create the fabric of the seen and unseen Divine world. Whether we use different names to describe God, (there are probably a thousand or more) we are all being lead back to love, the Divine force that connects us all. The breathing in back to Oneness and the breathing out into separation. The dance of life. Knowing this on a deep level helps us to be gentle not only with ourselves but also with everyone we meet. As a child many of us have heard the Golden rule..."One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."  We can also find this same principle in the Bible with the phrase,  'Love your neighbor as yourself.'  can be found in Mark 12:31. We can also find this same philosophy with others such as; CONFUCIUS says, "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself".Buddhism:  560 BC,  from the Udanavarga 5:18- says  "Hurt not others with that which pains yourself."  Judaism:  1300 BC,  from the Old Testament, Leviticus 19:18-  "Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself." 

There many, many ways to look at things but I think we all agree that at the core we are all searching to be seen, heard, and to matter. We want to re-member who we really are and why we came here.  I think when we are able to share our truths and have loving dialogue with each other we are able to reveal our true nature. When we do this we open our hearts to more love, more understanding, more connectedness. We are able to experience oneness, not just talk about it.  We begin to brighten our light so that we can shine on the shadows. Our shadows are just parts of ourselves that we separated from when we felt too vulnerable to deal with situations in our life.  Each time anyone of us brightens our light it lifts the entire world back to love. Judging separates....loving reveals our connectedness. Spread some seeds of love...it will fill your heart. Look and listen more deeply into what people are really saying. Everyone wants to be validated. It reminds us that we are not 'alone' but rather 'all one" (so add the 'l' for love). 

We are constantly planting seeds with our thoughts, beliefs and desires into the vibrational ground of our first chakras and then those seeds sprout and travel up through the rest of the chakras to our crown where they blossom into the flowers of our life and then they spread out into the great tree of life. This process of how we co-create is an energetic blueprint that is connected to everything. We are not just co-creating things in our lives but we are also co-creating things in the lives of everyone and everything in the world and in the universe.

Whether we are aware or not, we begin to manifest from this energetic level in our first chakra. However, the more conscious we are of our intentions in the beginning of our manifesting the more aware we are of the energy that we are putting out into the world. With our intentions we begin grounding these ideas, thoughts and desires into the roots of our being.  The more deeply grounded we are in our bodies the better foundation our seeds will have to root into the Earth. Our personal and our family beliefs are stored in our root chakra and it does affect how we manifest but we can open up to more grace when we put our roots firmly into the Earth and open up to Divine connection. 

The next step involves our second chakra which is where we use our emotions (energy in motion)to water these seeds. Our emotions feed our thoughts and desires. They give our seeds power to become manifested. In this stage we become aware of different sides of ourselves. This is when fear of scarcity or lack may enter. We may try to push one side or perspective out. These unconscious feelings are parts of ourselves that we don't want to feel or they are the voices within us that we don't want to hear. We can allow these emotions to move through without attaching to them. We may have stuck emotions in our body that originated from our childhood. Allowing the energy to move when we feel stuck allows us to free ourselves from this feeling of lack or scarcity. 

 From there we move on to the third chakra of will. This chakra can be controlled either by our ego’s will or by the Divine Will . If it is controlled by our ego’s will we may want to create things that we think will make us feel better or feel successful. But these things will often leave us feeling unfulfilled and may eventually leave us feeling blocked. We may keep reaching for different things to fulfill us. During this learning stage we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves as our learning takes place. The more we judge ourselves and our lives the more isolated we become from ourselves. This only causes more separation. On the flip side, sometimes we are ready to surrender to the Divine force so that we can co-create things in our life for our highest good. We return to the knowing that everything is unfolding in Divine timing.

As the energy moves up the chakras it travels through the heart chakra and we begin recognizes our connection with others. We see and feel a bigger picture in our life. We open up to the higher vibrations of love. This stage allows us to pull in the gravity of our interconnectedness. If we are open and centered in our hearts we begin seeing signs all around us.This is something that takes practice over and over again. Even though I have had many times where everyone involved was totally aware....I still have the doubting side.

 The energy continues to proceed upwards through our throat which begins to increase the vibrations. We are able to speak the vibrational energies and by doing so we begin giving this energy more physical form. It is important to watch what we are saying. Words have tremendous power and they carry that power into a heavier vibration. They solidify our thoughts into form.

As this form takes shape in our third eye chakra we open our vision of intuition. We begin to see things that are manifesting within ourselves and in our lives. If we are open and aware we will begin to notice people or situations that are showing up to help us along our way. We may begin to see sychronicities guiding us and we may feel a new wave of energy swirling around us. Pay close attention! Breathe in the energy. You will know what to do each step of the way if you are aware. We now realize something is taking form, it is beginning to be born.

Lastly, the energy moves up and through our crown chakra, the place that connects us with the Divine. At this final stage, we are connected above and below. We have aligned ourselves with the Divine and grounded ourselves into our roots.  Now the manifestation is grounded into form. Even though some of our manifestation may not be as satisfying as we might have thought we are still being lead back to love and the higher good. Each step is leading us to re-member who we are and what we really want. Sometimes we learn more from what we don't want than from what we do. But nothing is lost...everything is circular.  

 The most important key to manifesting our highest good is to feel our gratitude even before we have received the gift. It is easier to be grateful when we receive something in the physical that we perceive as being good. But when we can share our gratitude for what 'might be', when things are still in the energetic form, then we have established our trust in the Divine flow. Our trust strengthens our ability to accept whatever happens knowing that everything is moving us towards love. We will then be able to see the miracles that are all around us. We begin to realize that the entire Universe is working for us in unison and oneness.

However, sometimes we may feel lost, separated, and alone. We may not be able to feel the inter-connectedness. We may not even know what is the highest good or we may feel like life is stagnate or depressing.  Our stomachs may feel tight or we feel a sense of contraction in our bodies.  Things may feel forced, or we may feel pressure and things may not be flowing easily. This lets us know that we are operating under our ego. We will try to push or pull things along. We can use these feelings as an alarm system, created by our body so that it can inform us that we have lost our Divine connection and we are operating out of a sense of fear or loss. 

A good exercise to help us see if we are creating from our highest intention is to write down our free-flowing thoughts or what we intend to manifest. Then write the pros and cons of the effects if we receive it. We can then become more familiar with what we want in our lives and what are our intentions. Even though this step is not necessary and sometimes it may even stall things, we may need it go through this stage so that our ego can let go. However, this may also open up some fears inside that could either keep us from moving forward by creating a blockage of recycling energy or keep us in denial of the highest good. If this happens all we have to do is allow the fear energy to move through our bodies. As we allow ourselves to feel the emotions without attaching to it we will once again return to the flow.

Sometimes we may become blind to the consequences of our manifestations. We may misread or misunderstand what is happening in our lives because we may not be able to see the bigger picture. What we may judge as bad in the moment may later be understood as necessary for our growth. We are constantly manifesting our world from the inside out. So if we don't like what we see in our world then we need to stop and look within to see where we need to shift our consciousness. As we shift our perceptions things can shift in a moment. Although we may want to prepare for what we think might happen if things go one way or another we still need to be able to deal with what happens in the moment. 

The difference between living in fear and living with consequences of the moment is in our ability to accept what is going on in the present is for our highest good. Fear arises when we project into the future that which may have happened in our past. If we start attaching to a certain outcome then we may lose site of the bigger plan that is moving in our lives. If we turn these reflections inward then the resistance begins to unwind. In the quiet stillness of within we are able to align ourselves with our soul. Then once again we can return to the flow of the Divine plan for our lives.

When our manifestations are guided by the Divine Will and Law things are created more easily, effortlessly and smoothly. There isn’t a sense of struggle because we come from a sense of faith and we are open to receiving the highest good for our path. If we are struggling in our life to create the things we think are good for us then it is a time to take a moment to look at our thoughts, desires and beliefs to see if we are creating from ego’s will or the Divine Will. We cannot compare our lives with others. Our soul's journeys is different from others and therefore it will unfold in its own way and its own time. The good news is we really can't mess it up. Everything is waking us up to more love. We grow like a tree...in cycles and in circular layers. When we are ready to grow a new layer we will know what to do. When the student is ready the teacher will come. So we don't have to sweat the small stuff...unless we want to. Ha! It really is that simple...maybe not always so easy. 

As the sayings goes,"As above....so below".
I say "As inside......so outside."

Affirmations:   I trust that I am receiving all that I need in every moment and I let go of the attachment to the outcome. I surrender to the Divine guidance and will in each NOW moment. I co-create in harmony with the Divine Will. 


  1. Excellent information Charlotte!!!! This is a wonderful article, very enlightening. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you sooo much for your insights very well said.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I am just speaking my truth so I can better walk my talk so to speak.
    Grounding down the information as I receive it.