Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My New Meditation and Affirmation Cards (Starting with the root.)

Meditation and Affirmation Cards

As a part of sharing my spiritual journey and freeing my voice here on this blog,
I decided to share my meditation and affirmation cards that I have been writing.
They are helpful to me when I need a little reminder or nudge.
Hope you enjoy them. 
Let me know what you think.
 I love to read comments.

1. Grounding Our Intentions

by Charlotte Phillips

The Root

The Root Chakra is the foundation of our Physical Body.
Color: Red 
Sense: Smell 
Chakra: 1st/Root
Astrological Sign: Taurus 
Stone: Ruby or Garnet

When we think of our roots we often think of our ancestral linage and our home. Our roots are the foundation of our existence and the place we feel the most connected. It is our foundation which is related to our first chakra (energy centers in our bodies). Without a deep connection to our foundation and our Earth we cannot connect with each other. Our connection to each other is why we are here. We are remembering that we really are All One.  However, living in a world of polarity we see through two  eyes, we see separation...me/you.  When we use our two eyes we feel disconnected...we feel "alone". The way back to Oneness is to ground ourselves into the Earth as we reach up to Divine Love. We then begin seeing through our spiritual eye (the third eye or also known as inner eye or single eye).  We shut our senses down and go within to the stillness, so we can truly see. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Seeing with our third or single eye allows us to add the  "L" (Love) to  'alone' and then we become All One. 

Our root chakra is located at the base of our spine and is associated with the Earth and our relationship with her. It includes our relationship with our sense of security, vitality, strength, sense of smell, our money, our self-esteem, our past and our connection to our ancestors. We associate the root chakra with the color red and the foundation of our energy source. Spiritually, this base chakra is associated with the protection of individual integrity. It is the solid ground from which we are able to establish our equilibrium so that we can move to higher awareness. When we are feeling stressed or spacey there is a disconnect somewhere between the mind and the body. This lets us know that it is time to ground to the Earth and get back into our entire body. 

When we are overly excited we can channel this excess energy into the earth to allow us to calm down. In contrast we may have times when we are feeling drained or depressed which could indicate that we have blockage of energy or suppression of emotions in our root chakra. The blocked energy cannot travel up through our bodies so it gets trapped. It can make us feel stuck, heavy or sluggish. This is a good time to stop and close our eyes and visualize our connection to the Earth. We can breathe in through root chakra and release the energy out of the top of our head. Sometimes we have emotions that are blocked and when we open our root a wave of tears may come flowing down. We may not even know why we are crying. The best thing to do is just let the tears flow without attaching to anything. These tears will flow through us just like a wave. It can feel like a dam has broken or a breeze of cleansing fresh air is blowing through us. Don't stop them. 

Other ways we can open our root and expand our sense of self is by wearing the color red. The color red has often been associated with the root chakra because it symbolizes strength, vitality, physical energy, power, will, desire, passion, security and grounding. It is primal. Although too much red might bring out too much energy. It could even bring out suppressed aggression that might be lying just under the surface. If we are feeling too aggressive but still not feeling grounded we may want to balance the red by wearing the compliment color, green to tone down the high energies.

We can also connect to our roots when we are dancing or taking a walk. All we have to do is put or attention and focus on our feet and their connection with the Earth. Practicing some yoga exercises while breathing deeply into the motions is very grounding. Of course there are also some relaxing things to do, like taking a soothing bath while using a scented candle or scented oils as well as sitting with your back to a tree or just lying on the ground. The closer we get to nature the more grounded we will feel.

Being grounded in our root opens our awareness to our deeper connection with our tribe, our community, our family and our ancestors. When we feel a deep connection to the place we live and the people in our lives we begin to expand our vision of who we are and what we are here to do.

Just like it is important to have a good foundation in our home so is it necessary to have a good foundation in our body. When our root is open we will choose foods that are important for our health and ones that create a strong body. We can tell if we are grounded by the foods we reach for. The body will nudge us to choose foods that come from the Earth and not ones that are processed. So if we want to hear our bodies we must first be grounded in them.  It is also important to be grounded in our bodies when we meditate so that we can remain connected to the Earth. If we aren't grounded we may just space out, or drift away. If we meditate in a chair we need to remember to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and if we meditate on the floor we need to keep our back straight with our hands open in our lap.

We know our root is open and flowing when we feel strong, open, grounded and eager to face the world with all of its challenges in an effortless present way.  We can gauge where we are in every moment by how we feel in our bodies, sort of like a thermometer. All we have to do is stop, breathe in deeply and excel with our awareness, our bodies will speak to us. 

Affirmations:  I know who I am and I am connected to my body and the Earth. I feel safe and secure within. I am growing and sharing my gifts with the world. 


  1. This is beautiful, Charlotte! It's so important that the root chakra is cleared. Thank you.
    Have a lovely day,

  2. Hi Charlotte, Beautiful post! I love the part about crying. This is something I wish I did more often since I feel great afterwards! The color of red feels amazing to wear, especially on a dreary day. I need to work on keeping the root chakra open! ~Val

  3. Once again Charlotte excellent information! I love your card it is very grounding just looking at it makes me feel more centered. I am looking forward to more cards.Much love to you

  4. Thank you lovely ladies! You are inspiring me to keep writing. Hugs!