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Skylar, Earth Angel of the Netherlands

“Skylar & Michael“  "Becoming Earth Angels"
                      The Netherlands
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 "May we travel through life
knowing the angels are always
 with us and within us.”

 My Unity
 With All Life
 we are never 'Alone' we are really All One.”
The only difference between 'All One'
 and Alone is the 'L', which stands for love.
Love is what connects us to
  All That Is.
So the "L" is in the middle
 transforming 'alone' to 'All One'.
I will also note that the letter 'L'
 pronounced "el" in Hebrew, stands for angel,
 meaning, "In God".
An interesting thing my friend pointed out is
The Archangels' name end in 'el'.
Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel,
Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael.
~Love and Light.

When you love yourself
you are also loving others.
Love reminds us that
 we are never 'alone'.  

“Be still, 
look within 
trust in the Oneness
 and then you will find your own 
angel’s wings
 just waiting for you to take flight...
on the breath of unconditional love and grace.”
"The Meaning "
The name Skylar is a Dutch name meaning sheltering.
Michael is Hebrew which means "who is like God".
As you can easily see the angel is guarding 
the sweet little boy and girl.
The Guardian angel is not only guiding the children
but she is also teaching
them how to become Earth Angels.

Even though they are unaware that a storm (representing fear) 
is brewing around them,
 their guardian angel is keeping 
a vigilant watch over them and encouraging with love 
to walk through the storm of life
 knowing they are never alone.
This knowing allows them to spread unconditional love.
For they know that they are each a part of the whole.
When you know you are love
you spread unconditional love.
When you spread unconditional love
 you are an
 Earth Angel.
I believe when I live in fear I am not surrendering
to the Divine flow. 
My lack of trust prevents me from having faith.
My lack of faith prevents me from feeling, receiving
and giving love, yet love is my true essence.
So when I am blocking my true essence
I do not feel my connection to everything around me.

When I forget who I really am
I feel alone… 
(a lost of the "One).

But aren't we all 
 the ONE in the ALL
All in the ONE?

"You may say I am a dreamer
but I am not the only one.
I hope some day you will join us 
and the world will live as ONE."
~John Lennon
“What I Learned"
This painting is very dear to me and the story behind the painting  is a very intimate one but 
I will try to share it as best as I can.
Although it is not easy for me to shorten stories,
 I will do my best. 

A few years ago, I decided to paint an Earth Angel
 from the Netherlands to add to my series Earth Angels from Cultures Around the World.
But each time I tried to paint her something
 kept me from moving forward.
You see my paintings always have lessons to teach me.
So they have their own "time".

I was inspired by my internet friend, Iain, 
whom I met through my art.
Iain lives in the Netherlands and his heart
 is filled with love, compassion and light.
I have been fortunate to experience it many times
 through our back and forth emails.
I must say, I was thrilled when Iain sent me several pictures
 of places in the Netherlands to ignite my creativity spark.

Although I have never met Iain in person,
 it feels as if I have known him for years. 
His tender heart reminds me of my relationship
 with my brother when we were growing up,
 which leads me in the next part of my story.

When I began this painting about a year ago I noticed that 
the little boy and girl who appeared on my canvas,
 reminded me of my brother and myself when we were young.
This triggered some deeper introspection within. 
So I stopped my painting and built my cocoon so the transformation process could begin.
For a little over a year, I began turning and twirling
 around and around
 like a windmill, on the winds of change.
 Each cycle took me deeper into my family
 and ancestral healing patterns dealing with
a lack of trust and feelings of being lost...
away from home.
Sometimes when we have not finished making peace
 with our past, the shadows or shattered parts arise within our bodies and pull us deeper within to heal.
My higher self
(the part that knows she is connected to All That Is),
 reminded me that I could revisit these 
childhood wounds with my adult self.
 Now that I am older and stronger,
 I can see these events from a higher perspective. 

As I stepped into these shadows or parts of myself 
that I had separated from,
with my higher perspective they began to melted into the
 stuck emotions that were suppressed in my body.
 Without becoming fixated or dwelling on these suppressed
 emotions but at the same time allowing myself
 to feel the anger, grief, and fear I was able
 to move through with courage.  
This process often arises out of my unconscious,
 at night when my subconscious is more open.

In the stillness of the night, I am able to rock my inner child
and breathe through the emotions
while reminding her that everything is okay.
My mantra is "I Am Here".
I could feel the presence of the "I AM"
 which is within us all.
A peace settles in and washes over me.
Each time my heart turns toward this compassionate light
 much like a pink tulip in the field…
soaking up the sun.

Of course there are often many layers to past events.
I believe we follow the path
of light and love
which is guiding us all home.
While we are waling this path on Earth
we are training to bring that unconditional love
to Earth.
We are being guided to remember that  
we truly are 
Earth Angels.

With love I re-member I am with 
All One
The "I AM."

Pictures from Iain

 Stages of the Painting

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