Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Luna "Little Angel of Confidence"

Strut Your Feathers
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“Luna “ Little Angel of Luminosity

“If you don’t shine your light
who will?” 
This sweet little Earth Angel is named Luna.
 Her beauty illuminates from within 
and flows out for all to enjoy. 
Luna reminds us not to be afraid 
to strut our feathers. 
If we don't share our talents then who will. 
She is shown imitating the peacock as if to say,
“see my wings are beautiful too.”
 It is good to share your unique beauty
 and talents with the world. 
We are all beautiful inside and out
Remember, you are the light of the world.

Don’t be afraid to shine your light
You never know who might need it to see.”

What I Learned 
When I found my light within I could not contain 
it or hide it. 
I wanted to shine it brightly so that I could 
 encourage others to do the same.
Now I encourage my sweet daughters to shine their light
by sharing their talents with the world.
I created this sweet painting
as a tribute to my sweet daughters.

When we shine our light we 
encourage others to do the same.
It becomes most contagious.
Shining our light is not from an ego position
 it comes from the deepest love in our hearts.

It can be as simple as smiling at someone…
and who can resist a smile?

Stages of the Painting

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