Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Samantha, Earth Angel of Italy

Samantha  Earth Angel of Italy 
Samantha is a part of a series I call 
“Earth Angels From Cultures Around the World.” 

Samantha means listener and she represents
 the need to listen
not only to the words we hear and speak but also what we feel and see.
Each of us has our own truth so it is not necessary to try to convince anyone of our position.
When we speak our truth with a 
gentle vibration
without manipulating anyone’s 
thoughts or beliefs
we are sure to be heard more deeply.

And if what we hear we do not like it may 
be time to listen more deeply.
For what we do not like
 is merely reflecting some part 
which we have yet to bring back
 into the whole.
So let us listen! 
We may hear what we thus far
have not remembered. 

Samantha came to me when I was going through a huge self-doubt time of my life.
I got very very sick and all I could do was lie in bed and stare at her. I was in the middle of painting her. 
I kept getting over and over. 
"Trust in yourself and
as you let go of doubt you will be
able to hear the quiet voice within
that is guiding you to love. As you trust
yourself you will be able to listen more 
deeply to the angels and to others. 
Through listening you will learn even more about yourself. 
Trust that all is happening as
it needs to happen and you
already have all you need 
in every moment.
Listen and you will know."

Stages of the Painting

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