Friday, June 14, 2013

This painting tells many spiritual stories...

My Biggest Seller 
 She also brings many spiritual gifts to others
 and to me.

I sold a large print of Kachina today (16 x 20).
I love the story behind the sale too. My customer said I can share her story. 
She had a vision of two beautiful owls 10 months before a car wreck that took her daughter's life. One of the owls was wounded. She was told that the vision meant that something very bad, even possible death was going to happen. 

A while later, she had a dream that her daughter was going to have a car accident. So she told her daughter to be very careful driving. The daughter promised she would. However a few months later her daughter got into a bad fight with her boy friend and while she was driving home to her mother she lost control of her car and was killed. It was such a painful lost to her mother.

This painting spoke to because it reminded her of her daughter and because her daughter always gave her angels. She said the owl also looked just like the one in her vision.

I have a deep connection to this lady now. I feel her presence and your love. I cherish this story as I also cherish the connection.

I have received several spiritual stories from my customers and each one is a special gift to me. 

You can read the story behind this painting here.

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