Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Daughters' Natalie and Mary Kathryn's Video

Check Out My Daughter's 
Natalie and Mary Kathryn's
2 Gabbing Girls Video

A Night At The Oscars


  1. My favorite gabbing girls yet. Loved it. Please tell the girls that although I subscribed I'm not getting notices of new videos. I don't want to miss any. :(

  2. Oh...I will. I don't know why. I get mine. I will get them to check on it. Thanks!!
    And thanks for the comments.

  3. Your girls are a riot! I love how passionate they are about the Oscars!!! I am a huge Adele fan myself.

    1. Thank you Miss Val...I will pass on the comment. They will get a kick out of it.
      They are very passionate about movies...and they adore Adele!!

  4. The show gets better and better! The show was so funny and spontaneous. I love how professionally done it is. Enjoyed it immensely, I agreed with all of the picks and comments. Tell them to keep up the great work!